Grove Isle residents seriously challenged by proposed high density development

Dear Grove Isle Resident,

Welcome to the first island wide e-mail and web based communications program. We hope to enable a better and faster method of communications in order to improve our Grove Isle quality of life.

A threat to Grove Isle

Grove Isle Under Threat

As most of you already know, there is a proposal to construct an 18 story glass and concrete high-rise building at the tropical tip of Grove Isle. The plans reveal that this structure will sit very close to Building Three and will replace the current Grove Isle Hotel, The club restaurant, social areas, bar and swimming pool.  We may lose our walking path and the right to access the area.

The construction time span estimate has ranged from 1 ½ years to 2 ½ years. Many people feel that this modern structure would forever change the tropical and special environment of Grove Isle.

The newly formed Preserve Grove isle Committee, supported by the Grove Isle Board of Directors has been established, together with this special newsletter and email, to oppose this long term construction. We feel that this glass building would be detrimental and destructive to the character and aesthetics of our tropical island.

Over the last few weeks a large number of residents have asked how to stop or alter this situation.  We formed the Preserve Grove Isle Committee to accomplish exactly that.

The first step in our opposition to this proposed building was to organize a powerful legal team to begin to formulate the needed steps in areas of zoning, land use and preservation of land style. This step has been taken and the work is in progress.

The next step is to activate the “social opposition” to this project, which we find to be very strong. To begin this step we ask you all to join us in our loud and vocal opposition to this by sending a very important and urgent message to a few important Miami authorities that need to hear our position. They will take our opposition to this project very seriously. Your voices will be heard.

Here is what to do:


Demolition Grove Isle wriote officials



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9 thoughts on “Grove Isle residents seriously challenged by proposed high density development

  1. Mita R says:

    I am very mad that most of the trees and greenery on this end of the coconut grove island may be lost – replaced only by the usual useless ribbon of palm trees along the sea wall. This is so sad for Grove Isle and the Coconut Grove story.


  2. Fernando says:

    I am quite worried about the notion that is floating around regarding property values. Several residents really believe the new building will somehow translate into future grove isle buyers paying more to live in our 30 year old units. The new building will in no way increase our property value.
    It is safe to assume that bldg c east side has always had a better than average price per square foot. This “market premium” is due in large part to its city and bay views. This certainly has helped to keep prices high for everyone else because it is a fair market comp.
    We are just beginning to see east side owners putting units for sale at very aggressive prices. Once the view is blocked, it will only get worse. The increase in supply of units at bargain prices will not result in more sales. The new low prices may not attract buyers because our buildings on the outside are poorly kept and look very old; not to mention the conflicting styles (modern vs. tropical). Every unit owner (buildings A through C) will see prices go down. Remember, no one will compare us against the new building at $1,000/ft2. The new benchmark will be the sold and available units from the east side of building C. Many may end-up for sale at below current levels of $400/ft2.
    Who knows, maybe east units may drop 50% in price and bring everyone’s investment down. We cannot be fooled by a smoke screen and a “promise” of higher prices. In reality it won’t happen. Not the way the island is going to look. It’s a statement that was used to throw us off. This only helps to distract everyone from the nightmare that awaits us.
    I would really appreciate if my concerns are shared with the rest of the owners. Everyone has skin in this game. We can ill afford to loose the value and marketability of our homes.


  3. Mal and Ben Feinswog says:

    Thank you. Thank you. We hope all residents of our beloved Grove Isle will support this and see that this construction is detrimental to everyone here.on the island. Let all protect our little piece of paradise !


    • roberta e. robbins says:

      who is on the committee? Who’s in charge?


      • The committee is an arm of the Board of Directors. There are 3-4 non-board residents and 4 board members participating in this “Preserve Grove Isle” project. In addition, there are many, many residents and neighbors now participating. The newsletters and website is giving everyone who lives on this island a new and fresh opportunity to take part in our future.


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