Grove Isle proposed new tower — Condo Association receives legal opinion

Approximate Position and Oriention of Proposed Tower for Grove Isle

Approximate Position and Orientation of Proposed Tower for Grove Isle

The Preserve Grove Isle Committee is pleased to share with you the legal opinion received from attorneys engaged by Grove Isle Condominium Association.  The opinion concerns the legality of the demolition of the Glove Isle Hotel and Club and its replacement with a 18 story residential tower.   It is certainly an interesting read as it outlines the key aspects of the proposal and its (lack of) planning merit.   The attorneys have noted that the proposal marks “a stunning departure from established law in reversing more than 30 years of legislation.” 

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Grove Isle Proposed New Tower – Condo Association Legal Opinion

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6 thoughts on “Grove Isle proposed new tower — Condo Association receives legal opinion

  1. Julio Gomez says:

    After posting my previous message, I read the legal opinion you provided and it is indeed clear that the developer does not have the rights nor the approval of City´s ordinances to build the proposed 18 foot tower. It is interesting that to know that Coconut Grove residents successfully limited the initial development to its present configuration. It seems that the Grove Isle Association should also try to engage the Coconut Grove Community in this endeavor. As mentioned in the legal opinion, the density in the community has increased in the past 32 years and the addition of the purported tower would just overwhelm the viability of South Bay Shore Dr, as well as affect the community of Grove Isle itself with its 522 families. This reality further supports the original decision to limit the building of any further unit on the island.


  2. Julio Gomez says:

    When Grove Isle was initially developed, I would expect that the City´s approval allowed only the 3 buildings that were built and the Hotel+Club complex, with a limited height to preserve the integrity of the development. How can a new developer pretend to squeeze an 18 foot tower in that place !! All effort should be made with City Officials to oppose this proposed Tower, it just cannot be allowed since it would put in jeopardy the Island.


  3. RAE says:

    I am ready and willing to help especially in my building where lots of residents are unaware of the threat to their comfort and joy of living here…..shall we get a group to go door to door? or is it too early for that? Are we ready for a large representation at City Hall meeting? Let’s not wait till the barges start their trek across the bay…..from where are they departing… where are they anchoring……what have the residents got to say whose homes are directly across from us…..what is their reaction to years of barging as well as unloading tonnage in front of their homes? plenty folks are talking between themselves but that is not doing much to halt this insult to our tranquil lives…..lemme know how to help…..RAE


    • RAE and Matt,
      Thanks for your comments and opinion.
      We need to reach ALL of our residents in all 3 buildings about your concerns and willingness to be a part of this movement.
      These comments allow Grove Isle residents know how their neighbors feel. Let’s keep up the communications! Please do ensure your neighbours in your building are aware of these developments. They should sign up to this web site to be best informed.


  4. Matt Wright says:

    Thank you very for sharing this information. It is very well put together. What is our next step? Should we expect another surprise from the developer?


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