Miami Herald: “Grove Isle condo owners upset about plans for fourth tower”

Grove Isle Residents unhappy with development

Miami Herald — Grove Isle Residents unhappy with development (March 7, 2014)

The Miami Herald has now picked up on our 4 Grove Isle situation. The story was published on the “front page” of the Miami Herald’s Business section today!  This is a giant step in spreading and explaining our deep concerns regarding this proposed construction.  Notably, it confirms that the City of Miami has NOT made ANY decisions regarding our island.

Thank you for all of your continued support and concern for the future of our GROVE ISLE.
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9 thoughts on “Miami Herald: “Grove Isle condo owners upset about plans for fourth tower”

  1. Fernando says:

    If you watch the Grove Isle video on youtube (previous post) exactly 20 seconds into the video you will see the proposed building sits next to tower C at half the distance between A and B and B and C. How much of an impact will this have on the foundation of building C? How much worse will it make the existing wind tunnel that exists on the east side? Most of the east side building C will have its morning sunlight and warmth probably reduced by 50%. Is this bad for plants? Mold? Mildew?

    During seconds 45 through 50 you see that since the proposed tower sits all the way towards the southeast end of the island, building B columns 1 and 3 may have a good part of their city views and bridge views blocked. I’m not sure if column 1 building A will be affected.

    The way the original building were layed out really offers the most amount of bay views for most apartments. Any project needs to keep in line and distance to reduce the number of residents impacted. Straight line being the most important to keep maximun bay views.


  2. Kenneth says:

    Thank you Elsa, I agree with you 100%. And yes, there are still plenty of your old neighbors around. The point that you made that really stuck with me is about falling in love with Grove Isle all over again. When we first bought here, my wife and I were as impressed and overjoyed as any other resident in the Island. We had found paradise. In a way we have been very lucky to be able to stick around for as long as we have. I may say part of the reason for having lost the passion, pride in our island is the fact that as we age, we haven’t used our facilities as much as before. We probably don’t see much of each other as much as before either.

    This fiasco we are in has in many ways brought many of us together. I hope it stays that way. Usually it’s a hurricane or storm, fire alarm, loud noise, etc. that gets many of us out into the hallways or in the elevator and that sparks a conversation with old friends.

    I also agree with you that in Miami a lot of the rules and ordinances regarding new developments, as well as the local resident’s wishes and concerns, seem to have taken a back seat to the developers which have become strong and mighty. They cater mainly to foreign investor, many of whom will not be full time residents and will not be affected by the overcrowded and under maintained city in which we have to live and commute on a daily basis.

    We are losing our identity, especially Coconut Grove. Let’s hold our elected (elected being the key word) officials accountable to our wishes and have them start concerning themselves with what we have already in place already. They cannot keep on turning a blind eye on the infrastructure issues of the city. The city needs fixing before anything else. So much for the Magic City, trust me, it’s not going to magically heal itself, and much less building million dollar high rises. That is just smoke and mirrors used to mask other problems and make the city look as if it were moving forward.

    Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments. Let me know your family’s name and unit number, maybe we can still remember you and your family.


  3. Elsa C. S.M says:

    I should not be getting involved except that it’s an issue that hits very close to home. I grew up in Grove Isle Building II during the early eighties. Best childhood memories I have. I am sure many of the current residents who were living there at the same time will agree. I received a call from my younger brother earlier today. He was close to tears when he began to tell me that someone had purchased the land where the hotel, club, restaurant, pool and tennis courts currently stand. That there were plans of building a glass tower on the eastern side of the island.

    I no longer live in Miami but my brother lives across South Bayshore Drive in Natoma Manors. He visits some friend’s parents once or twice a year and has seen the deterioration of the club and restaurant facilities. I have sailed by the island on two occasions during the last 10 years. Looking at the beautiful, majestic and serene towers only brings a smile to my face, no matter how aged they may look. They have a particular equality not found anywhere else in Miami. The whole island is a well though-out development, even judging by today’s standards. Everything is aligned, in proportion, as opposed to Brickell Key. To me it is a similar feeling I get when I’m in the presence of an older, wiser person (read: Grandma). You respect her for what she was, for what she is, but most importantly for what she meant to you and your family. Her legacy. I painfully recognize that many local politicians, government employees and developers do not give the legacy part the importance that I do.

    Anything that does not involve remodeling, regardless of whether or not it stays as a hotel or condo, will destroy the island. I know many of the original residents still live in Grove Isle. Even many of the employees are still around after 20 years. All residents need to appreciate what they have, regardless of its defects, and learn to fall in love with Grove Island all over again. Don’t let your precious little world be turned upside down by a building that does not seem to belong anywhere near Coconut Grove. I remember there were many problems between the original developers, many even lasted into the new century. Learn from our history, Grove Isle does not need to keep reliving an old fight with a new developer.

    Every resident need to do whatever it takes to make their wishes and voices heard all the way to City Hall. Grove Isle is over 500 residents strong! Pledge your support to the candidates that will help your cause. Some homeowners may not be able to vote or may not be in town that much. Get them to sign a petition. Five hundred plus signatures carry a lot of weight.

    Pd. Many of my friends used to affectionately refer to Grove Isle as the Three Kings or Wise Men. I know your basketball team already has Three Kings, but Miami has plenty of room for Three Wise Men (or women). 😉


  4. Harry W. says:

    If this is the way they deal with small things, I can just imagine what is in store for residents if the developer gets the go-ahead to build anything on the island. The impression that my neighbors and I share after reading all these comments is that Grove Isle has been blind-sided by another greedy investor.

    I would really like to hear from other groups, like the Audubon Society, Coconut Grove villagers,etc. regarding their thoughts on this important issue. In my opinion developers have taken over the city with the approval from city officials much to the detriment of the residents.

    At which point will the city the begin to use tax money to clean, repair and improve our neighborhoods? Improvement is definetely not building sky-scrappers for foreign investors. Improvement is giving current residents a bang for their tax dollar.

    THE GROVE HAS ALWAYS HAD THAT SPECIAL CHARM. Lets be more like Coral Gables and keep our identity intact. Let Brickell. Mid-Town, South Beach, etc. reinvent themselves. Most Grove residents feel very strongly against all the development that is going on and what is already in the pipeline.


  5. Webster says:

    Sheila, the developer is so desperate to build with a bay view he will distort the way the island looks to his advantage. If you notice from the aerial views, his proposed building will sit so close to the tip of the island (not keeping in line with the current configuration) that city views will be blocked for the 01 line in building 2.


  6. sheila says:

    The depiction of the fourth tower was way out of perspective to the the third building and made it look like there was a lot of room between the third and the proposed fourth building which is not true. Plus the photo of the club was atrocious….made the outside restaurant looks like a trailer park…


  7. penny says:

    Invite your neighbors across the Bay to the meetings. I live on Fairhaven and knew nothing about this. I am concerned about the construction trucks causing damage to the roadway – after all we are just on sand. Also concerned about debris getting into Bay and canal, which will cause backup and flooding of our streets (we have suffered through this with just new home construction). FInally, with all the comings and goings, crime will likely increase in our neighborhood – who is going to pay for our increased security. FInally, can our neighbors on Grove Isle stop speeding when they come off the bridge- threatening the welfare of the children and walkers and pets on the mainland. It will only take you an extra 30 seconds to get on or off the Island. We are in this together.


  8. jbj says:

    We read the Miami Herald article. How can the builder build “between two and four five-story buildings?” It seemed, from the article, that the original agreement allowed only four residential buildings in total.


    • Theodore 55 says:

      I guess they want to build up to 50 or 60 residences. It doesn’t add up in one 5 story bldg. That is what the developer is using as a threat. But he can’t build small structures all over the island either.


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