Preserve Grove Isle: Meeting to discuss developer plans scheduled for March 20th at 6pm

The owner/developer of Grove Isle 4 and his architect, RTKL, will make a presentation showing the proposed 18 story, high rise tower and an alternative plan showing new condominiums in several 5 storey buildings replacing the hotel, restaurant, lounge, deck, club pool, spa, and many of the tennis courts.

Grove Isle Condo Assoc Memo 13 March 2014

Grove Isle Condo Association meeting now scheduled for 6pm on 20 March 2014

In connection with this presentation, please be aware of the following:

1.  The developer has no approvals to construct any new buildings on the Grove Isle 4 property at this time. It has not been determined, based on various legal agreements executed in 1977-1979  by the developer and others, when Grove Isle was initially developed and based on a recent memorandum of law prepared by our attorneys, that the developer has the right to expand the development on the Grove Isle 4 property.

2. The alternative plan layout you will see on Thursday is based on a series of 5 story buildings, which will cover MOST of the 4 Grove Isle property. We believe that plan will be purposely drawn to be extremely unattractive and therefore unacceptable to the Grove Isle Residents so that the proposed 18 storey high rise tower becomes the “preferred” plan.

Therefore, it is important to understand that both plans may be unacceptable to Grove Isle residents and various legal documents and agreements may prevent either development concept from being constructed.

3.  These two opposite and radical plans do NOT conform to Grove Isle or its surrounding neighborhood.

It’s time for the developer and the Board of Directors to put our current resident’s “well being” and “character” of our island ahead of corporate monetary interests.

Using current land use laws, compromise, and transparency are always more productive than this type of forceful, and deceptive tactics.

We hope that a satisfactory negotiated compromise can be openly reached.

Memo Image

Grove Isle Memorandum Regarding Developer Plan A and B

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17 thoughts on “Preserve Grove Isle: Meeting to discuss developer plans scheduled for March 20th at 6pm

  1. […] their lawyers Weiss Serota Helfman.  It is based on conclusions regarding the developer’s presentation at the Club last week.  They added that Commissioner Sarnoff has asked for non-binding mediation […]






  3. Anonymous says:

    Despite Mr. Avila showing up at the Tennis Event, it was a success.2 years and he has never attended anything at Grove Isle. It reeks of hypocrisy considering he is threatening to build over or close the courts. He has not done anything to fix his decrepit facilities. Wish he would stop by more often, maybe even use the restrooms at the pool’s tiki bar. I heard even the cockroahes have to p*** outside. What a shameless dog and pony show on his behalf. Thanks to everyone else for attending, the pros, Cliff Drysdale, Max, Ximena and everyone else. Great time!


    • Webster says:

      Those are very strong statements but I can see the truth in them. During the holidays I accompanied a disabled relative to the men’s room by the pool. It has to be high on my list of most embarrassing moments. It has been like that for a while, i hadn’t used the facilities for that reason, but this was an emergency.

      Given the delicate situation with membership fees, the developer should pay more attention to what he is giving us I’m return for our fees. Imagine what we will have to put up with once he doesn’t need to get us on his side. Once the courtship is over.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Again, agree with you 100%. This has been proposed here before. Unfortunately some residents still believe this is good for the island based on expectation of higher property values. They are also scared to take a firm position and be stuck with a construction extending the length of the tennis courts.

    The Board probably needs to tell us whether or not a majority of residents can speak for all in cases like this. I’ve also heard that it may be a bit premature to take this to a hearing. But everyone knows a public hearing with a strong showing of GI residents and CG residents will have a huge impact on any vote. Whatever is done to STOP this project, PGI can count with me! I will gladly volunteer to go door to door to have a petition signed but it may also be easier, as proposed earlier, to leave a copy at the admin. offices and have residents stop by and sign it. .


  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree 100% with Julio.


    • Julio Gomez says:

      Dear Anonymous, I have another recommendation BEFORE meeting with the developer. In order to strengthen our position, we should define our position and commit to it. I would expect that all residents of the island oppose the development being proposed and we should sign a petition to be presented to the City even before the meeting. We must present a unified front at the meeting with the developer.

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  6. Julio Gomez says:

    Why are you talking of a compromise and negotiated settlement at this time ?

    We must first stop ANY kind of development from consideration. We must first get the City behind our community and the greater Coconut Grove Community to agree that No development should take place.
    To maintain the integrity of our position we must be in agreement that NO development can take place in the Island.

    I further recommend that we talk to Ms Rosario Kennedy, a well known lobbyst and resident of Coconut Grove and enlist her support in our quest.
    She believes that we have a strong case to prevent any kind of development in the Island, and that should be our position.

    Julio Gomez
    Resident of Grove Isle


  7. Anonymous says:

    I hope someone from their side besides the architects show up. They may not be familiarized with the many issues that will probably be asked by the attendees. If that is the case,it will just serve to scare residents and that just works in the developer’s favour. Come to think of it, why are they calling for this meeting? Probably another desperate attempt to have residents turn on each other. Since there is nothing concrete that any side can at this moment, they probably are resorting to showing us images in order to frighten everyone. They believe images speak louder than words. Hope we don’t buy into that malarkey.


  8. BAK says:

    I certainly hope that the developer will be open to compromise. It is the only way!

    Grove Isle is one of MIami’s CROWN JEWELS! We all have this wonderful opportunity to live on this great Island that needs to be treated with respect. I am sure that everyone here is passionate about their home and home environment.

    A developer is only passionate about making their investment work. They do live here. They will come, build, sell and leave all of the aftermath of issues and concerns if the wrong project is completed. I wish for this Island to continue to be the lush and serene place that I fell in love with. If the Board of Directors caves under the pressure of the Developer– they will not be representing my best interest nor yours!!!!!

    We need to unite and be heard so that our needs met. Let’s make this work folks!!!!


  9. Irene warner says:

    Correct. We need to address the construction appropriateness as well as the impact during any construction on both grow by already tense as well as our neighbors on the mainland.


  10. Theodore 55 says:

    Needless to say, if any compromise is reached with the developer, it HAS to first pass the zoning and regulations (Mia 21) to even make it to the negotiating table.

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  11. Webste says:

    Thanks for clarifying this. Many are under the impression that both proposals to develop are approved and that the developer picked the one that is better for the island’s residents. The 18 story building has been submitted to the city but is pending new revision and approval. The 5 story multiple buildings HAS NOT even been submitted or reviewed by the city. It is a scare tactic that will probably backfire and end up taking away any credibility and trust the developer may have.

    Fellow residents, at this moment there is nothing to consider. The city has only seen ONE proposal. It hasn’t even SEEN or CONSIDERED the other. Both may end up not conforming to current zoning laws or the original (77-79) developer agreement.


    • Theodore 55 says:

      Once again, thank you PGI for keeping us informed in a timely manner. I cannot but be amazed at how quick and clear you have acted. It draws a stark contrast to the developer’s way of approaching this. Thanks for being open minded, professional and classy. You make us all proud.


  12. Mike J says:

    Can someone please tell me if the developer can build this tower over the club and then go on to build over the tennis courts later?


  13. Rick I says:

    I think the developer will propose an awful alternative which will also trash the layout and tropical feel of the island. With all the construction of new condos now in Miami we have much to fear for loss of value. We MUST all come prepared for this meeting.


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