Coconut Grove Village Council to be updated on Grove Isle developments

Preserve Grove Isle is expanding its information base regarding this unpopular Grove Isle development to our friends and neighbors in “The Grove”.   Background regarding the proposal will be discussed at the next  Coconut Grove Village Council meeting.  This is scheduled to take place on Tuesday March 25th  at Frankie Rolle building [3750 South Dixie Highway] at 7pm.

Coconut Grove Council Meeting

Coconut Grove Council Meeting Agenda – March 25, 2014

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6 thoughts on “Coconut Grove Village Council to be updated on Grove Isle developments

  1. Monty Zuma says:

    Its not the first time the Grove looked at proposals for Grove Isle…


  2. Arturo B. says:

    Next time we have elections for members of the board we should at least nominate 1 or 2 of the PGI committee and Helen or Elizabeth. They made me feel like have a good grasp on the issue and know how to go about sailing thru these murky waters. I would like to know how our board members vote or come to a decision on issues like this. Like a voting record. Let’s use our pens and get on the phone!;-).
    We need to somehow make PGI and the Board act as one. Great meeting we had today! Thanks.


  3. Arturo B. says:

    Julio. Thanks for your points. Don’t know how much influence the Chairman of Board has on the board’s comings and goings but he cannot keep leading from behind and keeping us in the dark regarding meetings with the developer, etc. We need to demand more commitment from the board along with actions. Lip service is not enough. I would like to know why he stopped PGI from circulating memo regarding today’s meeting. Having said that and cleared the air, we need to hold hands with the board and march forward as ONE. We need to look into why the Association wasn’t consulted or notified about the sale/purchase. If it is found to have been ilegal, we should start holding people legally responsible. We know this whole process takes time but let’s start taking care of all legal issues such as 77_79 docs and Avila’s purchase.


  4. julio gomez says:

    These are my takeaways from todays meeting, which thanks to generous Ms Elizabeth Tamayo i was able to virtually participate.

    1. The efforts of this group SHOULD NOT BE IN PARALLELL with the Board. We should have the Board of Grove Isle representing our interest, which is the interest of the entire GI Community. I think is worrisome that the Board is not forcefully acting on our behalf and we should try to bring them to the front of the train

    2. We should ask the Board to advise ALL residents of GI about this problem and advise that they should join the Preserve GI movement. It is not just a Bldg 3 issue, it affects all 3 bldgs. The Board should lead the effort to request a petition from all residents of GI to send to officials in the City and other appropriate people. A unified Community is much stronger that hundreds of individual letters.

    3. We should ask the Board to explain the selling process of this land to the developer and why we were not informed of the transaction. Did the Board knew what the developer was going to do with the land, when did they knew it and why we were not asked then for our opinion / approval ?

    4. When we buy an apartment in GI we also become members of the Club. What are the obligations of the owner of the Club with the residents ? if the developer is now the owner of the Club, isnt he obligated to provide the residents with the same facilities that were in place when we bought the apartment ? ie; marina, tenis courts, spa, hotel, restaurant, pool, promenade ?

    5. There must be some protection to the residents regarding the usage of that land such that a new buyer could not tear down what already exists to build what he wants, what if he wants to build a federal prison on that land ? That is the role of the Association to protect all residents and we should not need a separate Preserve GI Movement.

    6 What is the link between our title deed, the statutes of the Club and the Association responsibilities ?. As residents, we pay a club fee to have those facilities, our title deed should indicate that we have access to all those facilities and if any change is proposed then we should all have to agree.

    7. I feel that we do not have all the information that we need to evaluate the existing situation. I propose that we request the Association and the Board to prepare a full, detailed explanation of why it is that we are on this predicament and proposing a course of action, starting with a unified community

    8. We bought in GI because of what it offers, this project pretends to alter that for the worse and we cannot allow it. No matter what the developer says tomorrow, those that attend the meeting should simply listen.Their silence would be the strongest expression of our rejection.


    Julio Gomez


  5. Webster says:

    Copied this blog. It’s not a

    These battles are not separate. They are part of an ongoing war. Those who value the heritage and environmental qualities of Coconut Grove are in opposition to those who would commercialize and undermine those same special qualities that have made Coconut Grove a unique and highly desirable place to live.
    Officials are attempting on an almost daily basis to commercialize as much of the Grove as possible in order to capitalize its qualities. They tend to see the Grove as an intensely developed tourist attraction whereby they enrich themselves at the expense of the larger community.The Grove Key Project being a perfect case in point. Many of the people who opposed this project did so because of the desire to enhance the natural experience of the Grove vs exploiting it’s resources for commercial use. Development plans will bring more traffic , noise, pollution and crime to an area that became somewhat famous and desirable because of it’s bucolic ambiance. If you take away what makes The Grove unique and beautiful you take away it’s heart and soul. This battle fought through these many small wars will determine the future of this place. Do you want Coconut Grove to march toward a future of crass commercialization or do you prefer to enhance the unique sense of place that brought people here in the first place. History shows very clearly that those places which retain their special qualities in a world that is increasingly homogenized and commercialized, are those places that become the most desirable to live and work. The value of the Grove lies not in it’s development potential but within it’s history, character and natural ambiance. Lose it and you’ve lost everything. Each and every battle that comes represents an opportunity to either enhance or diminish the very nature and soul of this place. When the very politicians we’ve elected turn their backs on those they represent it is our duty to fight as hard as we can to preserve and protect it. Keep something in mind regarding the Grove Harbor/ Grove Key debacle. Coconut Grove was decidedly against this development. This cannot be a City wide vote. That did not happen by accident. Officials knew the Grove opposed his project. Yet they fought day and night to subvert the wishes of their constituents. In order to protect our home we must fight as long and has hard as they did.


  6. Fernando says:

    I’ll drive 3 or 4 neighbors to this meeting.


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