Grove Isle Association issues clarification regarding development presentation

A copy of the latest memorandum from the Grove Isle Condominium Association re the developer’s presentation is attached for your information.   To read the memo please click the image below.

Grove Isle Condo Assoc Memo 19 March 2014

Grove Isle Condo Assoc Memo 19 March 2014

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7 thoughts on “Grove Isle Association issues clarification regarding development presentation

  1. Anon says:

    We cannot accept the big loss of the present value our condo’s resulting from the construction of this project.


    • Miss Tee says:

      The developer, in my view, has taken a very unsympathetic view towards the island’s master plan and this presents a serious risk for the values of the residents’ properties here.

      Would the Board please negotiate with him to ensure the new building(s) fit optimally with the existing structures (ground level shapes, landscaping, building style, color windows and/or color building etc)? His architect in the developer’s presentation said we should upgrade our properties (with new glass balcony rails, building colours and storm windows) so that we fit in with the new building. Just imagine how much this will cost to make our buildings fit in with his structure… The developer will need variances to make his scheme work. I trust these concerns will not be overlooked in the discussions.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Can someone look into whether or not the transaction between Weiner and Avila could happen w/out knowledge or approval by the association???


    • M Pool says:

      No one else accepted the price the developer agreed to pay because they could not make the $$$ work under Miami21. Zoning, like Miami21, limits speculation in real estate. Unless the project is a SPECIAL case…


      • Thank you for your comment ! It seems that most residents never knew that 4 Grove Isle was for sale..
        I would imagine that there would have been ….at least….some discussion or controversy with that knowledge…
        Maybe we would not be in this situation today….having that prior knowledge brought to our attention.
        Please note the value of “transparency”.


  3. Francisco - Building 2 / 1401 says:

    Much to my regret I am abroad and can not join these meetings. I really do hope that Mr. Avila will be reasonable enough in order to avoid irreversible damages to Grove Isle Community and all the area.

    At the same time I hope conversations could be held under the best possible terms and understanding.

    G. I. Community cannot allow that power of money stands over real values.


  4. Art B. says:

    I would like to have a written letter from the Board expressing their commitment to STOPPING this project. They should not even be talking about negotiating. That option should only be used if the city approves whichever project is submitted by the developer. I am perfectly clear on Save Grove Isle’s mission. I gathered from today’s meeting the dissatisfaction with the Board’s approach to the development issue. There were plenty of residents at the meeting and judging by comments and applause, the board needs to clarify any misconceptions regarding their support for stopping this project. We don’t have to choose between two evils. It is clear how many problems any kind of development will bring. Stop the project and every single resident benefits. We are fully aware everyone bldg a thru c will suffer in many ways.

    Next time I would like to see a couple more board members at PGI meetings. Especially the chairman. Something like this requires his presence or at least an official representative. Besides representing all current residents, he needs to remember he is also a resident and neighbor. This should be affecting him as much as the next guy, if not more.


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