Grove Isle campaign seeks residents opinion on developer proposal

Grove Isle is in Coconut Grove

Preserve Grove Isle

Dear Fellow Neighbors

We are all getting bombarded with lots of information about the potential changes of our wonderful island home.   We are delighted that residents are very interested in our future. For this reason we would like to get a sense of how YOU feel.

To accomplish this goal one of your neighbors will come around to ask your opinion YES or NO in terms of whether you wish to have any high density construction on the island or not. We all realize that this topic is of paramount importance to the future life style and setting of Grove Isle.

Please note that the Condominium Association lawyers will present an information meeting for all Grove Isle owners on Monday 7 April.  Further information regarding this is included in the document attached below.

Grove Isle Condo Association Memo - 1 April 2014

Grove Isle Condo Association Memo – 1 April 2014 (click image to open)

Thank you for your support to protect our Grove Isle.  Please check the communication section for all the latest thoughts, information and developments regarding our collective home.



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10 thoughts on “Grove Isle campaign seeks residents opinion on developer proposal

  1. Denis Barreto Sr says:

    During the meeting on Monday 04/-7/14,where the two lawyers provided us with their respective cases, I presented a proposal, both written and verbally, regarding the possibility of having a formal referendum/vote of the entire resident population, that would be carried out and validated by a reputable firm (lawyers or accountants) which would only have one question to respond to, in writing :
    Are you in favor of having the new tower built as proposed? Please respond YES or NO
    In your latest bulletin you indicate that a “neighbor” would be coming by to ask that same question. However, who is going to validate the final tally of this informal survey, since, potentially, the figures could easily be manipulated?

    Denis Barreto Sr
    Building I Apt. # 904


  2. Cheryl Dan Brown says:

    I am very surprised that your suggested letter and/or e mail to Mr. Sarnoff and others states “I am opposed to any new tower on any portion of Grove Isle”. Implicit in this statement is that you are for town houses. How do you rationalize this statement with requesting residents to support no construction whatsoever. The proposed letter must be changed.

    I would appreciate a response.

    Dan Brown

    Building 2.

    Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2014 13:52:06 +0000 To:


  3. nicsoly says:

    I am completely against any type of construction in Grove Isle. I’m gonna be there the 9th of April in case that you need some sign in addition.
    Nicolas Kozma. Building 3 Apt 501


  4. Julio Gomez says:

    I will not be in Miami on April 7th, therefore I wanted to confirm that I am against any new development on the island


    Julio Gomez


  5. Beatriz Toscano says:

    Hello, we are not going to be in Miami on April 7th but we will like to state that we are against any new construction.

    Building III 905.


  6. Pedro Saez says:

    I think the owners of the club are going to build one way or another what we need to do is what is better for us knowing that the construction is going to happen. All the best Pedro Saez 2 Grove Isle 1505

    Enviado desde mi iPad

    > El 02/04/2014, a las 07:52, Preserve Grove Isle escribió: > > >


    • Dear Pedro,
      Please take a new fresh look at your comment. It sounds like you are just giving up on your freedom and ability to make a choice one way or another.
      Remember this is not about the lesser of two evils. Is it simply about more development and construction on your island or not. You are free to choose!


      • Pedro Saez says:

        I am against of a construcción in Grove Isle,but I dont know if we are going to be able to stop it if we can I am going to be very pleased , but if we can’t let get as more benefits we can


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