Grove Isle mediation update

grove isle negotiator tracker

The Grove Isle Condominium Board recently issued two updates (please click on memo images at end) regarding the status of the mediation process with the developer. The Board entered into these discussions at the suggestion of City of Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff. The process has been paused so that far greater information regarding the developer’s proposals and methods are made clear. The Board has yet to receive this information.

Grove Isle Fencing Demolition

The Board has also discovered that the developer has put forward an application to allow the installation of construction fencing associated with the demolition of the Grove Isle Hotel and Club. This move is surprising as it is not yet clear what or where exactly the developer is going to build or demolish.  Some fear that these parallel moves could be construed as a demonstration of bad faith in the mediation process or that this process is not being taken seriously.

Perhaps it would be useful to know what the Officials at Miami City Hall and City of Miami District Commissioner Marc Sarnoff think about of all of this…

Grove Isle Condominium Board Memo of June 20, 2014 (click to open)

Grove Isle Condominium Board Memo of June 20, 2014 (click to open)

Grove Isle Condominium Board Memo of June 27, 2014 (click to open)

Grove Isle Condominium Board Memo of June 27, 2014 (click to open)


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4 thoughts on “Grove Isle mediation update

  1. susan says:

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, Sarnoff is a lame duck coming up against term limits, so writing to him won’t have much effect. Even if that were not the case, he is the one who requested that Grove Isle take part in the mediation process. One can only surmise that this was done by him at the behest of Avila who has been a large campaign contributor. The head of Planning and Zoning, Francisco Garcia, would be a better person to send thoughts about the potentially huge negative effects of the proposed development. Email


    • Matt W says:

      I thought we were strongly advised to take the mediation route by our lawyers. Are we saying that no elected officials (for Coconut Grove) now have their hands on the wheel?????


      • susan says:

        Our lawyers recommended we engage in the non binding mediation to try to maintain a good relationship with the City. Since it is non binding, there are no negatives to this approach. But the initial push to do it was from Sarnoff, no friend to Grove Isle.


  2. Harry N. says:

    510 followers and almost 20,000 views! Just amazing. Great job!

    Exactly what our community needed when faced with the redevelopment threat posed by the new owners of GI 4. I just wish people like Helen would do what Susan and others have suggested: take the time to read over all the information and comments provided in this website. There is nothing but open and timely information being shared here. It is clear to see that most residents oppose this project, either as an 18 story building or in 5 story clusters. It is also evident that as more time goes by, more information is available to outweigh any support or confidence the developer may have had.

    We must start reaching out to our neighbors outside the island and keep communicating our disapproval to officials.


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