Are Storm Clouds Approaching Grove Isle?

Storm passing Grove Isle

It has been a quiet summer on the development front vis a vis Grove Isle—at least on the public side.  As a reminder, the developer has taken a three pronged approach to move his agenda forward:  (1) Mediation with the Board of Directors.  The first (and only) meeting was held in June, with the understanding that the Board requested more detailed plans that have not since been received; (2) the developer’s initiation of litigation against the City of Miami to move his application for an 18 story tower forward; this application is based on one side of an interpretation of the Settlement of 1977 that led to the development of Grove Isle; (3) the developer’s application to have a portion of 4 Grove Isle rezoned from T5 to T6-8, thus allowing for building of a condo tower under current zoning law, Miami 21.  In the mix of these activities was also a proposal by the developer to limit the height of the tower to 12 stories and 168 feet.  In the meantime, many competing luxury condo tower projects are either in construction or past the permitting phase in Miami, with construction imminent.

Members of the Grove Isle Club—essentially all residents of Grove Isle—have been invited to a informational meeting at the Club on October 10 at 4 pm by the developer.  As indicated below in the invitation, among the agenda items included are the timing of demolition of certain club facilities, new club facilities, alternative club facilities during construction.  It is unfortunate that the developer has elected a time that makes attendance by members difficult:  at 4 pm, members who have their primary residence at Grove Isle are still at work; and the snowbirds are not scheduled to start arriving until the beginning of November.

Grover Isle Club Notice

Developer’s Notice of Meeting & Agenda (click to view)

The Board of Directors of the Grove Isle Condominium Association immediately sent out an announcement to all residents of Grove Isle.  This announcement, copied below, specifically emphasizes that the City of Miami has not issued a permit for demolition to the developer.  Furthermore, it was confirmed that this informational meeting has been called by the developer and not the Condo Association.

Grove Isle

Grove Isle Condo Board’s response to the developer’s notice (click to view)

In our effort to keep everyone abreast of the potential development of 4 Grove Isle with a residential tower of luxury condominiums, we provide this information in the interest of transparency.   We thank the Board for their continued vigilance.

Committee to Preserve Grove Isle

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4 thoughts on “Are Storm Clouds Approaching Grove Isle?

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  2. Julio B Gomez says:

    I would like to thank the Board of the Condo Association for their vigilance regarding the moves of the developer. We should be concerned that the developer is trying to put a blanket on our eyes with the siren-song of prospective development to the Club facilities. Something that some may find interesting, even desirable. This is a back-door entrance effort by the developer into the project by enticing some residents to “agree” with the proposed demolition plans, when in fact, the developer does not even have approval for a demolition permit. Moreover, this a slap on the face to the Board, which has been gallantly waiting for copies of plans from the developer, ignoring the Mediation Process since June.
    Once again the developer is showing disregard, if not bad faith, towards the interest of the residents, as represented by the Board and is frantically trying to maneouver with mirrors into his project.
    I respectfully ask the Board to remind the developer that he should continue with the Mediation Process and stop from selling snake oil to the residents.


    • susan says:

      You are entirely correct that the developer is trying to sell snake oil. Notice the time and date of the meeting are set so that very few people are able to attend. But to clarify one issue you raise, the mediation process is effectively dead until the City rules on the Memorandum of Law filed by our attorneys. The Memorandum makes the case that the developer is not entitled to build anything that doesn’t fit the footprint and mass of what already exists. He feels he can build a high rise condo. The sides are too far apart to mediate until this issue is settled.


      • says:

        Thanks for your clarification. You are absolutely right pointing out that the crux of the problem is the developer’s intention to build a condo tower. Until the developer gives up on that idea, we should not be listening to any other schemes from him
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