Yet another plan for condominiums on Grove Isle

Grove Isle

Meanwhile…  one more peaceful afternoon on Grove Isle

First the Tower (18 stories); Second, the resized Tower (12 stories).  And now, a Third (perhaps not last…), the wrap-around five story residential condominiums and club.

The developer of 4 Grove Isle has submitted new architectural plans to the City of Miami. The developer is now seeking approval to build two adjacent 80 ft. high residential buildings.  The proposed structure wraps along the coast of the island from approximately the position of the current Spa, past the hotel and current pool, to the southeast corner off Building 3.  In addition, the new proposed “Jetsons Spaceship” club occupies the position of four current tennis courts and possibly the yacht club.   The Board and legal counsel are following these new events with vigilance.  The submitted plans are also available in the manager’s office of Building 1 and 3.

It must be emphasized that the Developer has NOT received permission to move forward on any development. This is an exercise to gain support for the developer from Grove Isle residents.

Grove Isle Wrap Around

Grove Isle latest plan have massive structures wrapping around the island – note the position of club house which take the space of four tennis courts and possibly the yacht club (Image source: developer’s architects)

Your attention is drawn to the fact that a number of issues still remain unanswered:

  1. In their Memorandum of Law, Weiss and Serota (Grove Isle Board’s lawyers)  relied on  the Settlement of 1977 to argue that Grove Isle is already fully developed. How does this argument interface with the new proposals before the City of Miami Planning Board?
  2. The Developer previously proposed an 18 story tower to the City of Miami.  Where does that proposal stand?  Has it been withdrawn, disapproved or is it still pending?
  3. The Developer modified the proposed 18 story tower to a 12 story tower.  Where does that proposal stand?  Has it been withdrawn, disapproved or is it still pending?
  4. Where does the effort of the Developer to rezone part of his property to Miami 21 T6-8 now stand?  (This would allow for the Tower).  Has that been withdrawn, disapproved or is it still pending?
  5. In the event of the  Developer possibly gaining permission to build 80 ft high multi-story residential condos, can he later build upward on top of  them if granted a rezoning or a variance?  Given the high density of the proposed buildings, is this a ruse to encourage residents of Grove Isle to support an 80 ft high multi-story project with a view to turning it into a fully-fledged high tower at a later stage?
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15 thoughts on “Yet another plan for condominiums on Grove Isle

  1. Lois B says:

    All I can say is go see what he did at Williams island. Originally a five story building he build 20 stories on top of…


  3. Guilligan's Island says:

    I don’t think we should be even sitting down at the table with this guy until after we have heard from the City of Miami on whether or not the developer has any rights to even build on the island. Even then, whatever he proposes still has to conform with Miami 21. He has gone from tower to clusters to whatever this fort like structure is. A clone of the Fountainblue hotel. Why doesn’t he just build on existing footprint and existing heights? He’s got room for 1-2 bedroom condos in the existing hotel structure. One Mc. Mansion in the ballroom, restaurant. Another MC. Mansion in the spa area. 4 townhomes at the deckmaster and last 2 tennis courts. That is 2 mansions, 15-25 apts and 4 townhomes villas. This proposal keeps the same look and footprint. Not as much construction and chaos. Doesn’t damage the look of the island, privatizes and still conforms with original agreement. Keep the pool and tiki bar. Pretty much boils down to a remodeling project compared to tearing down and building up something that will distrupt the very existence and look of the island. Just a thought.

    • Fernando says:

      That works. It may be within original settlement intentions and provide the least disruption to the look and livelihood of the island and its residents. However. Any developer may seek to maximize his return on investment. However, presently this Guilligan’s proposal may be a logical option given a near future decline in the demand or oversupply of high end condos. It will also alleviate his financial burden and the pressure from investors and lenders or any interest from future investors. I hope his oversized ego allows him to recognize when its time to fold ’em and walk away, slightly bruised, but able to fight, and perhaps win, another development project.

      • Harry N. says:

        Every little Napoleon has a BIG Waterloo. Survive and live to fight another day, just somewhere else! Just a chink in the armor for him but a win for us.

    • M K says:

      Well if the Developer is truly serious about building this five story condominium complex–assuming that he has the legal rights to do so–then he surely would have withdrawn the plans for the 18 story tower, the 12 story tower, and the request to rezone half of the property to allow a high rise tower that were submitted to the City of Miami previously. Does anyone know the status of those submissions? Does PGI have any information? If these are still pending, then the five story complex is not the true development plan but just another ploy.

  4. Irene Warner says:

    Regardless of what may or may not be constructed what are plans to safeguard our access safety security physical damage to our buildings roads bridge parking of workers time and days of construction etc etc
    Where are plans time lines security escrow deposits and the like for the GI residents during any of this potential construction to protect Us?

  5. Cheryl Dan Brown says:

    Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S™ III, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

  6. Richard says:

    Perhaps we should put two additional floors on each of the three buildings on Grove Isle. With 10 units per floor, that would be 60 units which would translate to $60 million for the Association less construction expense. Just as the Developer has generated renderings of his proposed structures and submitted them to the City, we could do exactly the same. Anyone can submit plans to the City. What the City does with his or ours is another matter.

  7. Manuel says:

    I still cannot see how he is going to physically build these without destroying the island, bay and bridge

    • susan says:

      Totally agree. Whether it is an 18 story, 12 story or 6 story structure, it is still 62 units which will result in 2-3 years of damage to the existing infrastructure, construction noise, debris, traffic backups and loss of security. His latest rendering may appear lower, but it eliminates even more open space, not to mention the loss of half the tennis courts. And he thinks a shiny new club for the residents will offset this. Dream on Mr. Avila.

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