Grove Isle Board Elections to be held December 2 , 2014

Although this PRESERVE GROVE ISLE  website was initiated as a response to the potential development of 4 Grove Isle into residential condominiums, one can interpret the goal of preserving Grove Isle more broadly by promoting the participation of the residents of Grove Isle in dealing with some of the major issues before us.

These issues include, but are not limited to, (1) the development of 4 Grove Isle, horizontally, vertically or not at all; (2) the strategy for interacting with the developer (e.g. mediation); (3) rebuilding of the infrastructure of Grove Isle under the control of the Board; (4)  assessments for continued improvements; (5)  Re-appeal of the Dues suit to force the owners of 4 Grove Isle to participate in maintenance costs on Grove Isle, moving forward and reimbursement for back costs; (6) general housekeeping issues for the buildings and property; (7) development of a strategy for the protection/enhancement of property values on Grove Isle.

Grove Isle Election

Grove Isle Votes

To this end, the Board of the Grove Isle Condominium Association plays a critical decision-making role.  The Board is elected annually, and that election is coming up in two weeks.  There are nine board members, three from each building.  The new board will elect a chairman.  It is our understanding that all of those candidates for a Board seat will have a brief description of their background distributed shortly by the Condominium Association.  WE ENCOURAGE EVERY CANDIDATE TO PROVIDE, BEYOND THAT BRIEF DESCRIPTION, THEIR APPROACH TO DEALING WITH THE ISSUES LISTED ABOVE.  This can be done directly on this website so that the residents, the voters, have the appropriate data to make an informed decision.

Grove Isle Election First Notice Document

Grove Isle Election Second Notice Now Delivered

In the current environment, members of the Board have considerable responsibility, expend considerable effort, and work as unpaid volunteers.  In this form of representative governance, we need to all participate and be properly informed.

This is the time to let the Board know how you feel.

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26 thoughts on “Grove Isle Board Elections to be held December 2 , 2014

  1. […] of the Board and its elected officers.  This Board is well placed to robustly address the challenges being presented to our island […]


  2. Fernando says:

    I would like to thank all our neighbors that cast their names to run in the election. I congratulate all those that were selected. It is a good thing that new members will be sitting on the board and perhaps offer new approaches and ideas on how to deal with the many issues we will be dealing with, as a community, in the coming years.

    I want to thank Mr. Lewis for his hard work, dedication and leadership throughout his tenure as chairman. Having said that, I ask the board to consider offering another member the opportunity to serve in his position. I think I speak for many people who want to see this change and need to feel we have finally been able to switch into a higher gear.


  3. Mike says:

    Please are there any candidates that are pro development??? This is NOT clear. I don’t want to vote for someone who is pro this project.


    • Simon T says:

      Or anyone with a conflict of interest… such as a connection with the developer.


    • susan says:

      I am only a “part timer” at Grove Isle and don’t know many of the candidates. I have spoken to several full time residents who know most of the candidates and based on their input, I am voting for Thomas Cadigan, Jack Delaster, and Susan Purcell from Building 2. In Building 3 I am voting for Richard Cardin, Janet McAliley, and Tim Moore. I have been assured that all of these candidates are against any development on Grove Isle. Hope this helps those who are in the same situation as I.


  4. susan says:

    While it will have no current impact, I would suggest that as many people as possible write on their ballots that in the future, all candidates should be listed. I also propose writing that Edgar Lewis is receiving a “NO” vote from the resident.


  5. jim says:

    The developer may have 24 million reasons to trash the island, the Board has 500 million reasons to stop him.


  6. susan says:

    Does anyone know who is responsible for issuing the ballots? It is ridiculous that the Building 1 candidates are not included. It makes it impossible to register a “no confidence” vote through withholding affirmation. It is imperative that their names be included even if they are elected by default.


  7. Tony says:

    I looked at the bios but am not clear where anyone really stands on the development issue.


  8. William B says:

    “I am off the island. Could Preserve Grove Isle post the bio pages of the candidates for the Board?”


  9. Simon says:

    I would really like for the board candidates an or current members to discuss where they stand, what time table they have and how they plan on dealing with the many issues that we will be dealing with in 2015 and beyond.

    A. Transparency and timely communication. Perhaps a newsletter? copy of the minutes form board meetings? website?

    B. Once bids have come in for all the work needed on the sculpture decks, garages and exterior renovations, provide us with a timetable for completion.

    C. Pending lawsuit against club owner for membership dues and expenses.

    D. Where do they think the residents stand on the issue of new development in G4? How are they planning on executing OUR wishes going forward.

    E. Willingness to work with PGI on issues affecting the proposed development.


  10. Elizabeth A says:

    I don’t want anything to change in Grove Isle. I have my property since 1984 and want it to stay as beautiful as it is.


  11. susan says:

    While there are some additional candidates to choose from in buildings 2 and 3, no one new has stepped forward in building 1 to provide any competition to the incumbents. This means that if Edgar Lewis gets only his own vote, he has been reelected to the Board. While this is impossible to prevent, a clear message should be sent to Mr. Lewis that the majority of the residents have no confidence in his ability to lead the Board regarding the difficult issues the Association is currently facing.
    DO NOT VOTE FOR MR. LEWIS VOTE FOR ONLY TWO MEMBERS FROM BUILDING 1 . If such a lack of confidence in his leadership is made apparent, the Board will have to choose another chairman, one who is hopefully more open to communication with residents and more capable of dealing with the significant issues we face. If not for the efforts of Preserve Grove Isle, in all likelihood, the Club would now be in the process of demolition with an 18 story tower to be erected in its place. Mr Lewis may have done a fine job in the past when the Board was dealing with “normal” circumstances, but he has shown a shocking lack of leadership in dealing with the proposed development and the lawsuit regarding the membership’s continued payment of dues to the club.


  12. says:

    Hey Ben, You are a natural for this role. Can I cast a “write in” vote?


  13. Fernando says:

    I have been a resident of Grove Isle 3 for over 4 years. As you may read from my previous posts, I am very concerned with the value and marketability of my property as well as the current lifestyle all of us residents enjoy. In the next six months there are several issues that all us residents are going to have to deal with, such as:
    Rebuilding garages and sculpture decks, remodeling and repairing exterior of towers, need for special assessment, need to move on with club dues law suit and finally stop any development of Grove Isle 4. It is at this time that we need Board members who we can trust to represent our interests above anything else.

    This upcoming election I will be voting for the following candidates to represent building 3 as board members.
    Janet McAlliley, Tim Moore and Dick Cardin. Their knowledge, commitment, transparency and involvement have shown me they are more than capable to proudly represent ALL Grove Isle residents during these trying times. Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the candidates and make sure to cast your votes.


  14. GuilliganGI says:

    I am completely baffled by the lack of interest shown from our neighbors in building A. There must be one or two good people to run for the board. Although they have benefited the most in the past and stand to lose the least in the future, it is beyond reason why they would let Edgar Lewis run unopposed. Its always good to have someone of his character represent your interest over everyone else’s, but it seems you have not grasped the damage Mr. Lewis’ actions or lack of actions have had on our properties. To those residents of building 1 that support Mr. Lewis and those who elected not to volunteer for the Board, I can honestly say you have let me down. Situations like these should bring out the best in people, particularly amongst neighbors.


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