Grove Isle Board reshapes to face island’s challenges

Grove Isle Elections Underway December 2, 2014

Grove Isle Elections Underway December 2, 2014

A big thank you goes out to all the residents that participated in the Grove Isle Condominium Board elections last week.  These votes have now led to a significant modification of the Board and its elected officers.  This Board is well placed to robustly address the challenges being presented to our island community.

Please click on the image below to see the detailed results of the poll.

Grove Isle Election

Grove Isle Votes 2014 – Board Election Results (click image to open)

We are very grateful for the commitment shown by current and past members of the Board to ensure that Grove Isle remains a wonderful place.

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7 thoughts on “Grove Isle Board reshapes to face island’s challenges

  1. Harry N says:

    I would like for the new Board to prepare a state of the island memo and have it distributed by year’s end. There is many of us that are here for the holidays and would like to get an accurate picture of what is going on regarding several issues:
    Club lawsuit
    Redevelopment Grove Isle 4
    Reparation of sculpture decks and garages
    Exterior restoration and painting of all three towers
    Special assessments
    Any other issues
    It is very important to keep part-time residents informed. Most of us come here during Year End Holidays, Easter or summer. Now is a good time to give us an update.


    • Bob W says:


      I think you mean restorations of the sculpture decks not reparations; however given where the GI board is on the sculpture deck, your choice of words is “perfect”. If the work is performed in accordance with the current plans, the GI residents are entitled to reparations.

      The Board claims they are ready to go to bid on the sculpture deck work estimated in the $8-10 million range. I own and am chairman of a $20-40 million per year construction company and have looked at the plans in some detail. I believe the scope of work needs considerable work and discussion, there are no mechanical and electrical plans for the work, and the drawings conflict in several respects between the structural engineer and the landscape architect drawings.

      The basic plan is to completely demolish and remove all the concrete planters, concrete perimeter deck walls and landscaping, install a new waterproof deck system and replace all the concrete planters and landscaping in basically the current locations with a state of the art landscaping design. Some of the state of the art ideas, however, like significant water features , artificial turf, 600 new deck lights, $300,000 of new deck furniture (that will seldom or never be used) , etc. seem a little excessive; and while the ultimate solution may be correct and we definitely need a new waterproofing system over the “sculpture” decks (which I refer to as the “sculptureless decks”) , if the current planters could be saved and/or some removed and not replaced, the savings would be well in excess of $1 million. In summary, there are, I believe, much less costly alternatives that at this point the board and the committee chairman are unwilling to even have a conversation about.


  2. Roman S. says:

    Since, we have this lovely tropical island on Biscayne Bay in Miami:

    No…… to totally unrelated ultra modern ugly architetural styles……
    No…… to sqeezing into the narrow coastline..blocking all views……….
    No…… to 3 years of construction mess throughout the island……
    No…… to hurting all existing island apartment valuations……
    No…… to this developers ideas for the future of Grove Isle……….


  3. Joao Crestana says:

    Dear Members of Board

    Please let me congratulate you all for the civic efforts towards avoiding that any new building be allowed to deteriorate our beautiful island.

    For your knowledge, I append my answer to the Developers that invited us for a ridiculous meeting at the Biltmore Hotel.

    Please continue in your difficult and essential role, and count on my assistance if necessary.

    Best wishes.

    João Crestana
    Building 3

    Re: December 11 Event at the Biltmore Hotel for Grove Isle Members
    Dear Development Team

    Thanks for invitation.

    Let me please use this opportunity to confirm my strong opposition to the wraparound project presented in the Isle Club.

    That proposal represents an outdated and awful architecture, and a real downgrade of our beautiful Isle. All units will loose value due to such bad quality project, with all due respect a true replica of a ‘Road Motel’. Besides, in my opinion, the proposal insults all families that are proprietors of units in building three, below tenth floor, which will have all their privacy and view completely taken away, while upper floors will be spared.

    If something is approved at all, it should be a sustainable and modern project, using minimum footprint and preserving maximum free ground area on the island surface. A high rise tower projected by a renowned architect and never a chubby ugly ‘Road Motel’ that will degrade one of the most privileged areas in Dade County. Examples in Miami abound, starchitects creating to upgrade vicinities, and not to deteriorate them.

    I cannot believe that an outrageous project like this ‘Road Motel’ will be approved, and if it is, no sensible customer will pay much to be proprietor of it.

    In summary, this is my opinion, and I do not feel I should be present in this event at the Biltmore.


    Joao Crestana


    • Simon says:

      No illegal construction on Grove Isle — Period.
      No by passing Miami21 planning law — Period.
      No destruction of value on Grove Isle — Period.


    • Webster says:

      Joao, your position should be for NO construction. Period. Its not about how tall or chubby or wrap around or clusterlike his renditions may be. All he should be.allowed to do , by law, is to remodel or recomfigure existing ball rooms, card rooms, restaurant, hotel and spa into Two homes, 20 small apartments. Keep same footprint, height and feel of what we have.

      The argument has nothing to do whether the rendition is to anyone’s liking or if its designed by a top notch architect firm. It has nothing to do with our tastes or preferences. It is All about current law and zoning ordinances, as well as the original settlement agreement. If allowed to build, he will obviously go modern, which is what sells for the highest prices. At that point, by comparison, our overpopulated island and old looking buildings may experience a drop in value of easily 20%.


      • Joao Crestana says:


        I agree with you, this is what is best. My position indeed is for NO construction. Or, for a simple remodeling of existing Club/Hotel.

        My point is only that we have to develop a contingency plan in case his supposed contacts and lobbying power allow the Developer to approve a project that is more detrimental than another alternative.

        Our proprieties will be hurt by a construction, whatever it is. OK.

        But they will be damaged much more by a “Road Motel”, wraparound mastodont, than by a modern tower, with minimum footprint, in which details we should influence somehow.

        In any event, let me say again, I am in favor of NO CONSTRUCTION at all.

        Thanks, best wishes


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