Grove Isle (Over) Development 101

Rendering of Sailboat Key (38 Storey)

Rendering of Sailboat Key / Grove Isle (4 x 38 Storey)

The goal of Preserve Grove Isle is to provide to residents of Grove Isle and the public in general accurate and objective information related to the history of development and the legal issues related to proposed development of 4 Grove Isle.  We have worked to provide accurate and detailed information to make certain that the issues before Grove Isle, Grove Isle Associates (the Developer) and the City of Miami are transparent.  After all, “sunshine” is what makes Miami, and sunshine on these issues is good for the public interest.

Please scroll down to read a summary of our research.

Sailboat Key (Grove Isle) 4 Towers & Club with Parking

Sailboat Key / Grove Isle Towers, Club with Extensive Parking

To this end, under the “Documents” tab on the home page, we have made available public documents, including contracts, filings, permits, and plans related to the proposed development of 4 Grove Isle.  Some of these documents are very old, dating back into the 1970’s, whereas others are recent.  These documents provide the legal basis for our claim that the Settlement Agreement of 1977, signed by the City of Miami, the then owner/developers and those from Coconut Grove who originally opposed the proposed plan of development of Sailboat Key on Fair Isle, limits further development of Grove Isle.

Alternative Rendering of Sailboat Key (1500 Car spaces)

Alternative Rendering of Sailboat Key / Grove Isle

In summary, the documents show:

1]  Grove Isle’s original development was complicated by legal and political action.  The local community was in total opposition to the development and expressly the overdevelopment of an undeveloped island with its plan to build four 40 story towers with 2000 units and 1500 parking spaces.

2]  The process resulted in a compromise that shaped the island as we see it now. After significant litigation, the Settlement of 1977 defined what would be allowed and the location of all of the elements, including the club on the eastern shore of the island.

3]  Building permits were issued, three 18 story towers and one five story tower were built and certificates of occupancy issued—all within the constraints of the Settlement of 1977.

4] Sale of 4 Grove Isle in March 2013 and plan to build an 18 story residential tower on the site of the hotel/restaurant/club—after over 30 years without change on the island.

5] Weiss-Serota Memorandum of Law claiming the absence of vested rights to build an 18 story tower based on the Settlement of 1977 and the importance of current zoning law, Miami 21.

Grove Isle Condominiums and Club Rendering

Grove Isle Condominiums and Club Rendering

For access to the PGI document archive please go to the DOCUMENTS section of this web site. .

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15 thoughts on “Grove Isle (Over) Development 101

  1. Martha says:

    Has any one seen the plans for the new decks… I heard there were less planters and less green and less trees. Is this true???


  2. Webster says:

    I strongly believe that if anyone has reservations regarding the costs or anything else associated with the work to be done, and has any kind of expertise in the field, her or she should ask to volunteer or be heard in any of the committees that oversee these projects. I agree that many projects have been overpriced and below our expectations, but now is not the time to start taking shots at the board for the sake of taking a shot. Those interested should contact their building’s board representative and offer their expertise or opinion regarding any project. Keep in mind that there will always be differences of opinion and residents that will not be happy with the costs or the results. That is the reason there is a board and several committees composed of resident VOLUNTEERS. That is why we ask for their bios, ideas, and ultimately exercise our right to elect then to serve on the board.


    • susan says:

      Two members of PGI with construction management experience have spent considerable time and effort in the last three months going over the proposals and scope of work. One even found the original plans that no one on the Capital Improvement Committee could find or thought existed. Based on many hours of work and actually walking all the areas under review, they presented to some Board members their rationale that some of the proposed work, which amounts to several MILLIONS of dollars was likely unnecessary. The Board members chose to ignore their findings and are proceeding as before, with no interest in how the process should be conducted. And on related matter, the hope has been that some of the projects could be paid for with money recouped from the dues litigation. PGI has recommended that the attorney involved should be fired since after 10 months, he has done nothing to pursue the litigation. The Board has turned a deaf ear to this as well. (Cronyism? Laziness?) So don’t get your hopes up on this as a source of funds. And while there are a couple of new faces on the Board and some better communication, the willingness to entertain outside advice seems to be run by the same clique that existed in the past.


      • bfurie says:

        Susan, we need you on the Board. Would you consider this for next year?


      • elizabeth says:

        If it is true that a) there is no careful vetting of what is being done b) it is not all necessary c) it could be done with more care for our funds d) our lawyer should return funds for work not done etc. etc. the entire island needs to be made aware.

        These are very serious allegations. While I am sure nobody is pocketing the extra money I am not sure that we are doing things in a fiscally responsible way. This is OUR money that will be assessed and it needs to be done with extreme care. I also point out that the building 1 card room was not only over priced it is one of the most unfortunate, ridiculous looking common spaces I have ever seen. The people reading this are not the ones that need to be aware. It’s all the people out there not reading, not aware and not interested that need to get involved at this very serious time for our island.


    • Bob says:


      Susan is being kind and just touching on the highlights of the efforts and many, many hours a few of us have spent on this matter over the past few months when we were first made aware of the magnitude of the problem and how it was being managed. For more than 30 years, I have owned and successfully run a large construction-development – apartment management company 20 miles north of NYC. Notwithstanding all the G I staff, engineers, board members and capital improvements chairman insisted, after their exhaustive search, the original GI Plans did not exist, in less than 4 hours I located and received full copies of the plans, got them copied and delivered to the board (and did not remember receiving a thank you). They are now on the PGI web site for those that are interested in looking at them. And that vignette is just the tip of the iceberg.


  3. Harry N. says:

    Some of that money already exists. I’m not sure if the whole $24mm will be the full assessment or the full bill for the work. Keep in mind that this project is to fix buildings that are close to 40 years old and sit on an island. Unfortunately current residents get stuck with the bill, but I am sure that as long as the right people are hired to do the job, it will be well worth it. We should step up the pressure on the pending lawsuit with the club’s past and present owners. Those monies could sure be considered to be used towards these repairs.


    • Alberto Garda says:

      Hi Harry, no doubts that the work need to be done, but like in the card room, the renewal was 400.000, I spend rebuilding my unit brand new with very good quality just 150.000, appliances including.

      My question is the 26 million is correct, or just inflated, because we are 540 and, we simply don’t know, this is my concern


      • Harry N. says:

        I agree. This Board seems to have the expertise and will to look out for the residents’ best interest. After all, they are paying residents too.


  4. Sandra says:

    It would be quite nice, to put it mildly, if we got an answer, maybe just a response of what is actually happening. No one seems to know. I look out from my beautiful home and see very few lights. For me, a single woman, living alone, I’m worried. I don’t want to move but I may be forced, Does anyone care!


  5. 75 says:



  6. Alberto Garda says:

    Is not the time, also to add an space to discuss the 26 million dollars, planned to repair the island? every body agree with that?

    I agree with the work that need to be done, but 26 million looks too high for the projects mentioned


    • susan says:

      It is high, and much of the expense open to debate on whether it is necessary. PGI has been in discussion with the Board on this issue. Based on the letter recently sent out by the Board, it would seem that they are ignoring some valid concerns about the entire process and proceeding in an uninformed manner. We were hoping that some new blood on the Board would bring better results to the residents, but so far, it seems to be the same old, same old.


      • Alberto Garda says:

        Yes Susan, I agree with you, we need to take care about our money, of course litigation with the CLUB is important, but keep our real state value is very important and preserve the pace in the Island is also very important


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