Grove Isle: New member-only valet parking policy


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Yesterday the developer sent out the March Grove Isle Club calendar.   On the back is a notice that complimentary valet parking is now being offered to all Club members.   This appears like a retreat on the developer’s previous position (see previous posts).

This last development shows at best poor planning and communication from the developer, or at worst an attempt to manipulate the feelings of as many people on the island as possible.

The simple fact is that Grove Isle could not have been built without enough parking spaces.   An agreed number of shared spaces (our research shows this to be 111 spots) was/is a city requirement.

We trust that the Grove Isle Board will continue to robustly deal with this dispute.


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14 thoughts on “Grove Isle: New member-only valet parking policy

  1. Uberto Mondolfi ( 806-C) says:

    The Board of Directors write today : “The Board believes the lead engineer’s presentation would allay any concerns you might have, resulting from incomplete and erroneous information received from unidentified sources.
    Maybe it Is time to show all the information of whom we are by name and unit number, so every body can reach us with valuable data.


  2. Harry N says:

    Its been mentioned before that our management company needs to get more involved in these issues. Now, whether or not previous boards allowed that to happen is a different story. I urge bloggers to attend the next meeting and voice their concerns. I’m sure they will allow for an ad hoc committee to help and aasist on this. I do agree with the claim that this project requires of a construction management company to handle it. There is no way the board can effectively handle all these issues at once. Specially the renovation and construction for the 40 year inspection. At this point I believe our legal counsel should handle the parking issues. People are literally flipping out over this issue. I cannot believe this is catching by surprise. Don’t we know what belongs to us and what doesn’t?


    • Grove Isle Club Member says:

      And the Developer and the Grove Isle Club get my vote for the worst member relations and communication strategy on the planet.


  3. ruby alonso says:

    so what does your post really mean? what are you really saying? can we start using the shared parking spaces without being towed? what are the next action items the board is pursing? building 3 valet situation is a nightmare. the poor valets are constantly running ( to meet demand) and are stressed out.


    • Hi Ruby, the post is just for your information. We do not know anything more than what the developer published in Club’s March calendar. Please contact the Board and the Club if you need any further information. Kindly let us know what you discover.


  4. 75 says:

    pls show proof where. 111 spaces are joint use, I can t. find it. tks. GOOD WORK. PGI!!!😊😊💓👍👍✌️✌️😃😄


  5. 75 says:

    nothing is FREE


  6. Anonomous says:

    I am a member and I will have cars to park at the hotel.


  7. Robert says:

    What I understand is that the judge has enjoined Avila from towing the cars; however the larger issue is when does the judge or a court decide that Avila does not have the right to block off the garage and must provide 111 parking spaces of the 235 spaces in the building 3 garage on a non exclusive basis.


  8. Joel Koblentz says:

    Will the additional cost of paying “complementary” valet drivers increase dues/fees/maintenance?


  9. Uberto Mondolfi ( 806-C) says:



    • Anonomous says:

      How are all the amenities (dog park, children’s play area, bbqs, tiki huts & beach) to be shared? Can someone clarify please.


  10. susan says:

    Avila probably reads the posts on the PGI website and saw several people talk about withholding dues. I’m sure this is the sole motivation for his offering complimentary parking to members. The fact is that Grove Isle residents are legally entitled to the spaces in the building 3 garage. We must continue to pursue this legally.


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