Grove Isle: legal & parking update

And now bicycles…

The developer has now demanded that Building III’s bike room be emptied — and residents have been given seven days to vacate this space.

During Monday’s Board of Directors’ meeting, Tony Recio of Weiss Serota,  presented a much appreciated legal update regarding the developer’s various plans for the island.   Excerpts of this meeting, which include comments regarding the mediation process and parking saga, may be reviewed by clicking this [link] or the image below.


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6 thoughts on “Grove Isle: legal & parking update

  1. 75 says:

    going to be very quiet on the island


  2. Further excerpts regarding parking and other items from the BOD meeting are
    available from this link (click image)


  3. Reposted from COMMUNICATE

    Bob: Listening to our attorney’s comments at the recent board meeting is very encouraging. Living part time on GI and currently not in Miami I appreciate the recording of the board meeting so that I can better understand the options. It would be great to record all board meetings so that those who cannot make the meetings may listen to what is going on.

    Is the 5 story proposed building on top of a raised parking garage or is it 5 stories from ground zero? What floor would it reach should it be built as it compares in height to building 3? If we continue to delay the developer from moving forward not only may he miss the market but continue to throw good money after bad thus costing significant added interest expense and legal with no end in sight.

    Avila cannot be trusted as he continues to antagonize the residents asking to now ” clear out the bicycle room in building 3″!! How childish? Enough already we should totally boycott the club and cease paying dues.

    As we band together and stay strong we will get through this as One.


    • Joao Crestana says:

      Congratulations for the idea to record and post such an important meeting, that levels the information among us. Our rights seem to be in very good hands.

      So, regulations are one step only, and private restrictions are to be respected as well. Very good summary, very comfortable information.

      However, let me ask a secondary question.

      Since we are indeed loosing our quality of life now, day by day, due to the intermitent and endless threatening, can we sue the developer for this specific damage, this pressure?

      Threatening towing cars, now bicycles, the deterioration of the club services, the constant “psychological torture”, is that not a real damage that hurts our daily life? Should we not ask a compensation for that from the one that is originating it all?

      500 families, victims of these “tortures”, are they not entitled to request from the law an indemnification? This volume could add a new component into the developer’s equation.


  4. Helda Maria Osorno says:

    Please make a note of my new email address:

    I would very much like to continue receiving the updates.


    Helda M Osorno.



  5. Courtland says:

    Rumors are flying… 20 sacked at the club and hotel. Anyone know anything?


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