Grove Isle Developer Fails to Respond to Residents… Again.

Manatee and pup visiting Grove Isle

Manatee and pup recently enjoying the sea grass around Grove Isle

Grove Isle residents recently received an update from the island’s Board of Directors. 

 The key points of this update are as follows:

  • The Association is initiating legal proceedings against the developer who has failed to respond to residents’ questions regarding the loss of shared parking on the island.  Prior agreements between the owners of 1-2-3 Grove Isle (the Association) and 4 Grove Isle (hotel, club, spa, etc.) provide easements to the other’s properties, as defined in recorded documents.
  • The City of Miami has not approved or declined the developer’s request to demolish the Grove Isle Club.  The Association has voiced strong opposition to demolition in the absence of a building permit.
  • As an internal matter, completely separate from the issues with the Developer, the capital improvements assessment is undergoing a value engineering review.  A group of concerned residents have asked for (and sponsored) a peer review process of the capital improvements project(s) before the Board of Directors passes a resolution to proceed with these works.

A copy of the Board’s memo follows below (click image to open document).

Grove Isle BOD memo 27 March 2015

Grove Isle memo 27 March 2015 (click to open)

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3 thoughts on “Grove Isle Developer Fails to Respond to Residents… Again.

  1. says:

    Elections have consequences and imo voters generally get what they deserve…, folks need to vote with more intelligence and reasoning or the crap will continue.


  2. Courtland says:

    Just look at what the developer is up to in Coral Gables… what a contributor…

    Coral Gables: Proposed Development Mediterranean Village and the Mayoral Election.


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for the article. City officials and developers should be investigated for ethics violations. Both Coral Gables and Miami should put a 3 year moratorium on any project that has not been approved. It is time politicians develop some kind of spinal fortitude and stop this mega development s from happening. Miami 21 is a truck load of crap. No one enforces it. Zonimg Exceptions are for sale at the right price.


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