Grove Isle Forum: Meet Miami Commission Candidates on Wednesday Evening

Make a difference to Coconut Grove – Participate!!

Please make time to meet the District 2 Commission candidates at the Grove Isle Forum.

This will be held in GI Building II’s Card Room at 7:00pm of Wednesday April 15, 2015.

Please forward any questions you would like to ask the candidates to your building manager by Wednesday morning.

Grove Isle Coconut Grove Miami DC 2 Election

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3 thoughts on “Grove Isle Forum: Meet Miami Commission Candidates on Wednesday Evening

  1. I feel as though Grove Isle has become so hostile. I don’t live in the island but right outside. The other day my husband and I took a walk over the bridge and back and stopped to admire the view and fresh air. Grove Isle security told us we had to leave. We could not stand on the bridge. In the 5 years we’ve lived in the neighborhood, this has never happened. What’s going on over there?


  2. Harry N says:

    I am still in awe how someone who has such a successful property development company behaves himself in such underhanded and unprofessional ways. He is the poster boy for greedy developers. This character or his proposed developments should not be allowed on our island. Club employees have no idea what is going on. Nothing wrong with making money Mr. Avila, just do it with class.


    • Sandra says:

      Why is the entire “population” of Grove Isle not allowed to know what is going on. I am renting. I hear about half, nothing from the owner. Nothing from the realtor either. I’d like to stay but why should I? I’d really like to leave my name and number but…………it’s kinda scary!


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