Grove Isle Club to stay open pending legal case(s)

Quick Update:  The Grove Isle Club is set to reopen on May 15 pending further court proceedings.

More news to follow.   GI Board Memo now included below.

Legal summary follows below from Glen H. Waldman our attorney who is protecting the rights of Grove Isle residents.

Legal update from The Grove Isle Board - April 29

Legal update from The Grove Isle Board – April 29 (click to open)

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16 thoughts on “Grove Isle Club to stay open pending legal case(s)

  1. […] the association filed its intervention action to enjoin the shutting of the club.  The temporary injunction that has been in place from May 15-Aug 15 has been extended by the court’s […]


  2. Larry A. says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you. I attended the hearings. Avila came across like the greedy bitter developer that he is. It wasn’t enough to denigrate our senior residents or promise to build whatever he wanted, he pretty much left no open options for himself other than to agree to our demands.

    Now he, or his club, has the audacity and cynicism to keep slipping memos under our doors trying to be nice and make us believe that keeping the club open was actually negotiated and he is the nice guy. He still reminds us his unapproved project will benefit us all. There are many reasons why it hasn’t been approved, or a demolition permit been issued. I guess if he repeats it long enough he may get his wish.

    Can’t he mail any future correspondence? Can’t he afford to put a stamp and drop it off at the USPS? Who’s employees are slipping this under our door? I hope it’s not ours! Why hasn’t he opened the parking spaces?


  3. 75 says:



  4. Pamela Aarons says:

    Thank you so much PGI for the buses, the lawyers, the whole successful shabang
    last week that ended so well for all of us.


  5. 75 says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU PGI GREAT JOB !!!!!!!!!!! THOSE NEGATIVE PEOPLE ON THE ISLAND SAID IT COULD NOT BE DONE. BUT YOU DID IT Mr. Waldman is the best attorney in Miami


  6. susan says:

    The Board just sent out a memo saying that “their” attorneys had been successful in keeping the Club open. While the Board was supportive of the effort, the attorneys were hired by PGI, the action was filed by PGI, and the buses to the court were the idea of PGI. Also, the attorneys hired by the Board who have been successful so far in delaying any development of Grove Isle were originally chosen by PGI. PGI is happy to share success with the Board, and particularly happy that there is a working partnership now, but let us give credit where it is really due. The Board still retains the service of a lawyer who has failed to date to advance the case of the dues litigation. That lawyer has a “godfather” on the Board who continues to support him, for what reason we have yet to fathom given his lack of effort on behalf of the residents.


  7. Joao Crestana says:

    Congratulations, great achievement!


  8. Biggis Piggis says:

    Thanks SO much for the busses to court!!!!
    That way old geezers like myself didn’t have to put everyone else’s lives in danger driving there!
    It’s bad enough that we creep along that black path to the club on a daily basis for our meals……..or to the tennis court for a Saturday bagel!


  9. Mal Feinswog says:

    A big thank you! This is just the beginning.


  10. Mike says:

    Thanks for all your work and efforts.


  11. thelma stein says:

    Wonderful news, Thank you everybody.


  12. Diane Nau says:

    How happy this has made John and myself! Although we don’t own a condo there, we have been members for several years now and have made life-long friends there! Thanks to all who we don’t know and have worked hard and diligently to uphold the integrity and beauty of Grove Isle! We also hope the wonderful employees, some of whom who have become our friends also, will and can continue to work there since they have been the backbone of the place.

    John and Diane Nau
    ( The Texans)


  13. Guilligan says:

    Great Job everyone. Both Law firms representing us were stupendous. It is not my decision but the BD should consider using the new attorney to immediately take over the case regarding the club fees. This new lawyer has delivered in a very short time, something John hasn’t been able to do for months!


  14. says:

    Great job!!!!!!


  15. Maria Camila P says:

    What a great looking bunch of guys. I am thrilled to the core to see PGI and the BD working together to preserve our lifestyle. Thanks to all the concerned residents that showed up. THANK YOU


  16. Bonnie Solomon says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. The commitment from those that have spear headed Preserve Grove Isle, and have remained committed through all the turns in the road are the heroe’s. I know we still have a long way to go, but all of you are so important to the mission in keeping our slice of paradise, and are greately appreciated.


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