Grove Isle: PGI Counsel issues court case victory wrap up

Glen Waldman and Jeffrey Lam of Heller Waldman recently provided a useful summary of their victory in court on behalf of Preserve Grove Isle.  The court case made the front pages of the Miami Herald, the Miami Daily Business Review and Law 360.
Waldman clearly outlines the dimension of the victory for Grove Isle residents.  He noted, that “the court’s final order against the defendant developers ensures that the numerous amenities so integral to the quality of life enjoyed by Grove Isle residents for decades will not be compromised by any new development. Nor will threats of closing these amenities be an axe any new developer can hold over the heads of Grove Isle residents in negotiations over future development.” Based on the order, the new developers are “going to have to really rejigger their plans.”
A copy of Waldman’s article is available via this link or by clicking on the image below.
Heller Waldman wins for Grove Isle

Heller Waldman issues statement on Grove Isle Club case (click image for article)

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6 thoughts on “Grove Isle: PGI Counsel issues court case victory wrap up

  1. […] of the residents of Grove Isle.  They initiated legal action at the last minute to protect the Club from closing; they reminded the Board of Directors of the need to comply with the laws of Florida […]


  2. Joao Crestana says:

    Very grateful for PGI directors.
    Our rights will not be hurt without much resistance of our community.


  3. Mal says:

    We are so grateful for those working so hard to keep our paradise safe and beautiful!


  4. Fernando says:

    I am very grateful to PGI’s members for contributing so much of their time and money for the benefit of all of Grove Isle’s residents.
    I would like to suggest that those residents who feel the way I do, contribute towards covering some of the costs associated with legal fees and social media. Although not a member of PGI, I have already contributed in both ways. If some residents agree with my idea, I would like to see, through this website, instructions on how to pledge their support and contribute with donations.
    Again, thanks PGI and all residents who have taken this matter seriously enough to contribute in any way they can.
    I also want to give thanks to the NEW board of Directors, especially Tim Moore, for their time and dedication. We need to remember that all board members have taken on this responsibility on a voluntary basis. Kudos to them too!

    Fernando Paredes


  5. Sandra says:

    Those of us who live at Grove Isle enjoy and use our island oasis owe a debt of gratitude to the island residents and lawyers who provided the means and knowledge to Preserve Grove Isle as we know it. May the interests of the residents prevail, and let us not forget those who worked so diligently for PGI


  6. Biggis Piggis says:

    Bless those lawyers, PGI and all who support them in their efforts to maintain our way of living here in our quiet (for the moment) island oasis!


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