Grove Isle residents must act!

 *** Progress Update from the Board (04/06/16):
“…amendment was approved at the special meeting of the members held on March, 29, 2016. We sincerely appreciate the overwhelming unit owner turnout resulting in 409 votes in favor of the amendment and 30 opposed.
We would like to thank all owners who participated by exercising their right to vote on this important issue. …Grove Isle Board of Directors” 
(Note:  a favorable vote for the amendment facilitates the adoption of material improvements to Grove Isle)  ***

Grove Isle Gardens

The Grove Isle Condo Association asks that residents pay VERY close attention to the forthcoming vote to amend Article 6.1(b) of the Association’s Declaration of Condominium.
It is essential that ALL OWNERS give this matter serious consideration.  Please do not neglect your interests on Grove Isle.
PGI strongly recommends residents vote a FOR (YES).  We need everyone to vote.
Contact your building manager if you require any further information on the issue and/or the voting procedure.
Click image to open vote document

Click image to open vote document

Other updates:
  • Tiki hut upgrade built with expertise of the Seminole Tribe is nearing completion
Grove isle New Tiki under construction

Grove Isle Tiki Hut under (re)construction


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4 thoughts on “Grove Isle residents must act!

  1. David Schubauer says:

    I do not agree with the proposed amendment. Unit Owners purchased their units because they like the property as it was when they purchased. If the requisite owner approval is not obtained, then why can’t the Board just fix things and maintain their repair, which should not require unit owner approval at all?

    Even if I were to agree with lowering the approval threshold, the proposed amendment is too aggressive. It should require a minimum of an absolute majority (or 2/3). The proposal to lower the threshold to a majority of those units represented in person or by proxy at a meeting at which a quorum is present dilutes our rights too much. This would in effect mean that 86 unit owners out of 510 (only 16.8%) would have the power to totally change everything. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  2. Bobbi says:

    The main negative I’ve heard going around is that the amendment is too lax: 51% of those in attendance with a quorum at a meeting amounts to 17% of owners approving major capital improvements. Personally, I think it might get owners to actually attend the meetings, so I’m voting for it. But many of my friends are not.

  3. Bruce b Wright says:

    Please preserve this wonderful location. Some of the best vacation moments of my life were spent in that wonderful hotel and restaurant it was magical. I applaud you for your efforts!!!!
    Bruce B. Wright

  4. Alan says:

    Is anyone concerned about the quality of the improvements, the increase in costs especially member rates at the hotel?

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