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419 thoughts on “Communicate

  1. Daniel Siberio says:

    Does anyone know the plans of Developer at this time? Is the Developer still going to build an 18 story Condo building?

  2. Irene says:

    We have had so little transparency in the past that once burned twice shy. Being transparent is truly the most important aspect of all of this. Thank you

  3. Irene says:

    Fernando, your points are good, I am just asking because (a) the board consists of 9 residents for the community to oversee everything? I am not a proponent of huge boards but just a suggestion (b) just an observations of the fact that this change will mean that 86 owners can decide potentially major changes to the community.

    I believe that the 75% of all owners is too high but at first read of the Board’s initial correspondence it read as if they were changing it to 51% which is not what the proposal is and a closer read indicates that – but I just felt that the information and analysis etc. was less than clear at the beginning and at this point I will wait until the meeting before I vote – why is it necessary to send in my ballot now? The perception of pressure to respond NOW makes me feel yet again unsettled with board activity and operations.

    • Fernando says:

      Thanks. If we could somehow isolate the paint job, bldg. 3 lobby floor and “canopy or trusses” issues over upper deck parking areas, I wouldn’t mind giving this board a pass. After all, i believe almost (if not all) of them has done a good job. At some point we are going to have to trust our board members or get other residents to run. Nobody wants this “job”, so we have to trust the members that have been elected. Never before have they been subjected to so much scrutiny. Let’s live with our decision to elect them and try to support their ideas and proposals. However, i think the major repair/recertification issue requires constant monitoring and inspection by concerned residents. The Board has to be 100% transparent on their choice of project managers and engineering firm.

      Unfortunately, the reason this is being proposed is because never before had the issue of having the board sued by one disgruntled neighbor been brought up. Many needed changes were made without “informally” and nothing ever happened. But like I said, those days are over. Let’s get to fixing our properties, homes and keeping up with the prices of the real estate market. We should be at least 15% per square foot in this market. (Yes, I know the market and have spoken to realtors).

      • Fernando says:

        typos everywhere. sorry. 😦

        I believe almost (if not all) of them HAVE done a good job”
        We should be at least 15% HIGHER per square foot in this market

  4. Bill Chapin 1407 says:

    Does PGI have a view on the Board’s proposed amendment to the Declarations regarding “Material Alterations and Substantial Additions?

    • Irene says:

      Good question because the change means IF there is a minimum quorum of 170 owners and 51% vote in favor, the result is that 86 owners will make the decision for over 500 units. To me that is rule by minority. Also what about increasing size of the board? Just some thoughts and observations and we have not yet submitted our vote.

      • Fernando says:

        Ok. guys, what do you propose??? so far nothing gets done and you can see that most residents don’t live here. Just drive in at night and see how many units have their lights are off. This proposal makes sense if you consider that most part-time residents and some full time residents don’t bother to vote.

        Really, increase the number of board members???

        What about 75% of the owners with 75% approval on any issue. That means roughly 281 units. That makes it more than half (53%) of the unit owners (not a minority – those that are concerned enough to vote).

        • Fernando says:

          We need to somehow contact all residents or their representatives and get them to vote.

          I proposed to Calixto perhaps using a translator for this one time and send out letters in Spanish and Portuguese.

          I’m sure many people have their neighbor’s contact information in case of emergencies. We should post names and unit numbers of people that have not responded and ask residents for their help in contacting them regarding this important matter.

  5. Tom and Yamila Zaydon says:

    Leaving after 30 years ; moving to a home in coral gables ; we hope to return when the kids are older . All the best to my extended family here at Grove Isle.

  6. 75 says:

    Mr Esen Tokay for the board, he is the smartest man in the room

  7. 75 says:

    developer can rebuild club at new location & we lost. 4 cts. ???

  8. Maria Camila P says:

    During the developer’s first presentation, the issue of the club was brought up by residents at which point Avila said: ” you want a club? I’ll give you a club”. He never intended to build one.

    PGI collected signatures ( I believe over 250) from residents opposing any redevelopment. Considering the petition was signed for in our building lobbies by residents who came in and out of the towers for a period of 2 or 3 days, I would say opposition is more than just a handful of “vocal” residents. A good % of owners don’t live here so they did not sign the petition although they vehemently opposed Avila’s projects.

    I wish any future articles would mention how Avila has sent people door to door trying to lobby on his behalf. I would also like to have him quoted on the many things he has said during meetings and during trial. This article does not do enough to show the kind of money hungry selfish person he is. Mr. Avila has shown complete disregard and lack of concern for the residents of the island.

  9. Paul says:

    Could this be another way to improve our apartments – especially storm/impact windows to keep out heat, rain, noise and dust?

  10. Joe says:

    I am off island – can someone let me know what the situation is regarding the developer removing parking from the residents. Thanks

  11. 75 says:

    FAA approved. 1,000 foot high condo on Brickell. &. 8 ave. anybody know when trial is. ?

  12. 75 says:

    again. miami herald. June. 24. third mention in the last 3 weeks. condo sales slowing because of glut in market

    • Anonymous says:

      Miami is being sold out to the Chinese and Russian billionaire investors. Only the developers, realtors and politicians benefit from this money laundering scheme. The whole city is now exposed to local and international economic fluctuations.

  13. Theodore 55 says:

    What about the predawn incident with the towing truck convoy that had to be turned back by the City Of Miami Police dept.? Avila is a colorful character.

  14. 75 says:

    Anybody no what this proposal is about the board is going to give to the developer at the end of the month?

  15. Irene says:

    The latest letter from managing director regarding mediation says developer in “good faith” has opened the covered parking? Why??? Because the hotel is closed so he has no need for those spaces! . Why not open the lots between buildings 1 and 2 and 2 and 3? That would be good faith!

    • Mike T says:

      I agree. How is this good faith… the developer is only giving us back what was ours to begin with. This is makes no sense.

      • Robert says:

        Mike, you are correct. Our condominium documents provide for a non exclusive easement for the GI condo owners to use the parking deck east of building 3 , owned by the club/ hotel, which Mr. Avila closed several months ago. I assume his reason was it was unsafe as he couldn’t argue our non-exclusive easement rights. However this action was being prosecuted by John Lukacs chosen again by the BOD to represent us so it is not surprising no legal progress was made.

    • Harry N. says:

      I know right? Goodwill after having guards and metal posts blocking access to all 3 parking areas??? Let’s not be so quick to forgive and forget this guy. He’s probably doing it to save money on valet attendants.

      After the way he spoke about resident club members during his last court appearance? This guy is a piece of work! That memo really goes out of its way to portray this weasel’s actions under a positive aspect. Frustrating…yes, but undoubtedly, it shows more class and respect on our behalf.

      • GuilligansGI says:

        Not to mention his convoy of tow-trucks ready to take our cars at the crack of dawn!!! Even the police had to intervene!!!!

        Avila is not to be trusted but he is to be taken as a serious threat!

        Rumor has it he had all our ducks exterminated because they were pooping on his property! :-p

  16. 75 says:

    miami herald states. 78. new condo building under construction east of i 95, 120. in the planing stage. 2008. repeat ?

  17. 75 says:

    4 Lawsuits. &. counting. 2025. here we come, I love this town

  18. Irene says:

    folks, we have a fruit basket of apples oranges and bananas all of which will be ripening at different times. The initial and sole item that we must stand together on now is paying these club dues’s complying with the court order request to keep the club open. When one pays the dues one should as suggested by the condo board stipulate that they are being paid under protest. I have personally not taken advantage, used or otherwise participated in any club activities in many years other than to perhaps attend a condo board meeting. However until each item is resolved my husband and I will continue although reluctantly to pay the dues. We are on a strong course to protect our community and our neighbors and we must all stand together. While everyone is certainly entitled to their own personal feelings, it is important that we act in lock step and move forward. The court case that the judge presiding on was not about the other lawsuit of how much is possibly owed to members and whether or not we are obligated to continue to pay dues. It had to do with keeping the club open for not only our own personal benefit of use but for our own benefit of maintaining the Island property.

    • susan says:

      Well said, Irene. It is also very important for people to use the restaurant facilities as much as possible during these three months when so many residents are not on the Island. The timing of the reopening was unfortunate because of that, so extra effort is necessary.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Grove Isle club was supposed to reopen and has not. Is there a problem with people not paying dues?

    • Tito says:

      We had a great lunch there yesterday. Many familiar faces and big welcome. Let’s not give this developer any possible excuse.

    • Biggis Piggis says:

      They are serving a nice $16.00 (not counting our discount) healthy (mostly) cold breakfast buffet starting at 7 AM. Nice selection of juices, breads, fish+other spreads, granola, and lovely fresh fruits….And none of us knew it!
      The food is fresh, and the staff eager to please.
      Why don’t they send us menus, times open, etc?

      The bar was crowded on Friday night!
      Everyone that was on the bus was on a barstool, or eating+drinking outside!
      We need to re-discover the club folks.

      Shame on the owners who refuse to pay dues!
      They did agree to join when they bought on Grove Isle.
      Do you think they know they are being charged interest+penalties on a monthly basis. It’s like paying 18% on that debt!
      That adds up to big bucks!
      Must be idiots.

      • Henri-James Tieleman says:

        Before insulting your neighbors, you should realize and understand that we, as Grove Isle Owners, paid millions of up-keeping and maintenance around the island on behalf of that Club, and which is still owed to us or a possible total of over $20M. Who are the idiots now?
        And, yes we agreed to pay this particular due ONCE, as clearly stipulated on the contract. Why do you think there is court case on this matter, if you were so correct?

    • Sarah says:

      Is the club pool open yet?

  20. Irene says:

    I have not heard when there will be another meeting but will be sure to keep you informed and PGI also posts to Facebook

  21. Irene says:

    Gene thanks for your comments and I sympathize with your concerns and observations. I don’t like the crazy drivers either and a traffic study is definitely needed (which by the way was not done by the city prior to the most recent on going city construction even though our current commissioner initially told us there was one and then had to reneg when it wasn’t done!) I hope we can all work together to identify these folks and do what we can to be good neighbors

    • Gene Bryan says:

      Irene, thanks. When is the next meeting?

      • Toby says:

        Gene, consider making an approach to the Association. There is a meeting every second Tuesday of the month. As a resident, I sympathize with your concerns. But this is for the Association to handle. Please call Grove Isle Condo. Assoc. (305.858-1207) in the first instance to formally communicate your issues to the Board regarding dangerous driving.
        If this development goes ahead it’s going to be even more dangerous with (sub)contractor street parking, lines of concrete and construction trucks, demolition haulers and more… The neighborhood MUST get in front of these issues. No one but you can protect YOUR rights and your quality of life.

        • Gene Bryan says:

          Toby, I will approach the Association. But I must tell you, that regardless of the immediate impact of (sub)contractor street parking, lines of concrete and construction trucks, demolition haulers and more is temporary to some of our residents, the residents down here have very strong feelings towards the disregard to safe driving by the residents on island. I saw in a impromptu meeting of our residents the following sign: Building on Grove Isle +more traffic = slower traffic on Fair Isle Ave. We need to find collectively how to balance your needs as residents and ours. Thanks for the note.

          • Gene Bryan says:

            A traffic study on your behalf about Fair Isle and the other roads that use current traffic data and not data that is decades old will help along way in demonstrating the excessive pressure on the roadways with more build out. This will also help the issue with your bridge. I have been told by the police in our area that the bridge is posted at a speed that is not enforceable by local and state police, i.e. 19 miles and hour vs. the traditional 15, 25, etc. As I sit hear and write this note to you a dark colored Porsche and a blue BMW hit minimum 50 miles an hour on Fair Isle Ave at 7:34pm tonight. Just making a point.

          • Marcia says:

            Gene, as a mother with young children who crosses the bridge by car and by bike several times a day, I totally sympathize with your very valid concerns. Thank you for going through the hassle of taking the license plates – PLEASE FORWARD ALL OF THIS INFORMATION TO THE BOARD BEFORE NEXT TUESDAY. I will make sure to raise the point publicly at the meeting and\or speak to board members before the meeting. I am sure the board must be able to track down the drivers and shame into compliance.

      • MIke says:

        Gene, thanks for taking this up with the Association. As you are reaching out, I would like to include the following into this exchange of ideas.

        The wider neighborhood must decide if they want a say on form of the amenity that was created on Grove Isle. The neighborhood fought years over it. The developer now wants to take it private (if he closes the club for more than 180 days by default that is just what will happen). The 1977 Settlement Agreement and other period documents show what played out many years ago. If for example, having access to a tennis and resort club nearby is an important amenity (values of properties and quality of life) then the neighborhood needs to speak up — otherwise all its past work will be forgotten.

  22. Gene Bryan says:

    To all resident on Grove Isle,

    I am a resident on the corner of Fairhaven Pl. and Fair Isle Ave. I understand your concern for the buildout ready to occur on your island. As a meter of fact, I would like to work with you to reduce the traffic congestion and the problems that the building will bring our area.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you why WE in the surrounding area DO NOT have full empathy for your problem.

    Every day, your residents race down Fair Isle Ave. at speeds that exceed the legal limit.

    We can tell you exactly who the people are that race down the road for a red light, we have a list of their cars and license plates.

    For example, there is one specific lady in a small SUV that races down the street and turns left on to South Bayshore Drive on a red signal almost everyday. Very dangerous.

    The residents that are impacted by this in our area are looking into putting in speed bumps, speed signgs that indicate your speed above the minimum and stop signs on Fair Isles Ave.

    Really, this is what it has come down to to control mature adult drivers?

    One way of achieving a certain level on control over the buildout is a traffic study. The roads leading to Grove Isle cannot handle more traffic. Specifically at high speeds.

    I hope you take this note in a positive way and can also work with us on our problem you are creating.

    • Gene Bryan says:

      I would also like to add that your resident blow their car horns with no reason on Friday’s when the garbage collection trucks are cleaning Fair Isle Ave. What do they really think that is going to motivate the crews to work faster? Just common sense and securing our quality of life, not only yours.

  23. Irene says:

    All interested residents should come to the meeting next week introducing the candidates for upcoming city of Miami district 2 elections. Be prepared to ask pertinent questions regarding their positions on development, traffic issues, over building etc
    Real quality of life issues!

  24. 75 says:

    MIAMI HERALD. FRONT PAGE. SAID. REAL ESTATE MARKET IS BEIGINING TO CRASH, worse then. 2007, I counted 15. giant cranes on. Brickel & downtown

  25. Reposted from Grove Isle Developer Fails to Respond to Residents… Again.

    Just look at what the developer is up to in Coral Gables… what a contributor…

    Coral Gables: Proposed Development Mediterranean Village and the Mayoral Election.

  26. Further excerpts regarding parking and other items from the BOD meeting are
    available from this link (click image)

    • Courtland says:

      Looks like the developer shot himself in the foot with all his parking plans. The tennis club is not at all happy.

  27. Webster says:

    Just read the latest letter from the club and Mr. Avila. He got a wiff of our internal bickering over repairs and parking and now is trying to drive a wedge amongst resident by appealing to the Helens of the world that don’t want to spend money in legal advise or those who think we should negotiate. In 50 years in business I have never seen such a desperate attempt to gain support. Please take the time to read it. By calling our board members a bunch of liars I think they can expect little to no compromise. I wish the board would hold another resident meeting and clear the air. Our legal counsel should be present. Its time to take off the gloves!

  28. 75 says:

    we got terrible advice from our attorney mr john, in the emergency injunction he forget to ask for continued use of our parking spaces, major mistake. I hope ms, Lisa puts in written what we can & can not do according to our by laws. I don t mind paying legal fees when it’s done right first time

  29. Marcia says:

    Susan, many thanks for the clarification. I agree that we will have to pay for the assessments – the need to improve/fix our facilities is self-evident. However, I think the Board needs to proceed with extreme caution about the correct legal process for the improvements.

    To my knowledge, at least one close relative of the developer is an owner on Grove Isle: it would be extremely convenient for them to let us go ahead with all the payments and renovations and then sue the Board for not having followed the correct legal process. Unfortunately, the developer has already given us ample examples of his willingness to use any underhand tactic available and it would be a costly mistake to play so carelessly into his hands.

    • susan says:

      Within the last 24 hours we have all received separate communications from the Grove Isle Board of Directors and the Avila Development team. It is hard to decide which is more insulting to the intelligence of the Grove Isle residents. The Board of Directors has cancelled the Special Assessment meeting scheduled for the 10th at which they now claim they were going to have the engineer for the improvement projects give the residents information on the plans and take questions. There has not been one sentence issued by the Board mentioning this previously. However, since the engineer is going to be sick on Tuesday, the meeting has been cancelled. The cancellation of the meeting was due solely to the fact that it was made clear to the Board that they were in complete disregard of the condominium by laws and could be held liable for doing so.
      As to the Avila letter, PGI is preparing a point by point rebuttal of their claims which should be ready and posted in a few days.

  30. NE says:

    Our building manager said the Valet Commitee has decided that all residents must valet park their car hence forth. All clickers are being fazed out. No new will be available.

  31. NE says:

    We were told at Building two that self-parking in the garage will no longer be allowed and that clickers will be disabled. If you need a new they are no longer available. All residents will have to valet park their car. Does anyone know why the change?

  32. Irene says:

    On another note – who are these residents for responsible improvements Grove Isle??
    Have we not been notified of the meeting for the approval of the assessment? Why is this group any more competent to make these difficult decisions for needed improvements? Why is there no one who has personally attached their name on this notice? Will they attend the Board meeting rather than send an anonymous “legal” brief?

    • bfurie says:


      Specifically to the issue that you raise about the residents being notified for the approval of the assessment, I wrote to Mr. Calixto Rodriguez about this several days ago. Here is a definitive answer in this email exchange:

      Mr. Furie,

      If the Board approves the special assessment then it is done. There is no vote by the unit owners. The Board has the sole authority to approve special assessments.

      Once it is approved then we will send out the coupon book just like the annual budget.

      Anything else please let me know.


      From: bfurie
      Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2015 9:01 AM
      Subject: RE: Grove Isle Condominium – Special Assessment Notice

      Dear Mr Rodriquez:

      Thank you for sending this information. My wife and I will be departing for Boston tomorrow so we will miss the Board of Directors meeting on 10 March. If the Board approves this special assessment, I presume that the next step will be a vote by the residents. Since I will not be here, how and when will such a vote be taken and executed? The Under the Door notification will not work since we will be absent from Grove Isle.

      Thank you in advance.

      Bruce Furie

      • Irene says:

        Thank you Bruce. It appears that this is the way our by-laws read and perhaps for the future we need to suggest a committee to make changes to our by laws? I would still like to know who are part of this group for Residents for Responsible Improvements? Committees are not the best way to manage many projects and with 2 people it is easy to get 3 opinions. I certainly don’t want to spend money not necessary or have more disruption to our island than needed but just keeping the washing machine going without draining it isn’t a solution either. Many thanks for letting me know about this process.

        • Robert says:

          To be clear this is NOT how our bylaws read. The board has chosen to either not read them , read them and ignore them, or read them and not understand what they say.

          • Irene says:

            Robert, thank you for your information and so my next question is why do we have “professional” management which I would expect to be able to advise a voluntary board as to the by laws etc or is the function to be that of a puppet?

            By the way does the Board have D&O insurance which if they do aren’t we paying for.

            And while I understand the need for repairs improvements etc which will necessitate an assessment I want to be able to have confidence that it is being done properly from all aspects.

            So how do we receive professional advice and direction? What is it that the professional condo management organization really provides to residents?

    • susan says:

      You and most residents don’t realize that the sole purpose of the March 10th meeting is for the Board to vote on the Special assessment, which presumably they will approve or they wouldn’t have the meeting. The Board will NOT entertain any questions or comments from residents on this issue. The group for Responsible Improvements is comprised of several residents who have more expertise in construction and building than the Capital Improvements Committee which is responsible for the scope of work and the amount of the assessment. A few of them were on the Capital Improvements Committee but left because of the dictatorial stance of its chairman. Over the last several months, the Group has given their input to the Board on major potential savings which the Board has chosen to ignore as they ignore most things not generated by their own members.
      Also included in the distribution was the result of a recent arbitration hearing. Alterations and improvements approved unilaterally by a Florida condominium Board without any vote or voice given to the residents were overturned. The Group feels that given the size of the Special Assessment, it is right and necessary to make Grove Isle residents aware of their right under the bylaws to have a voice in this matter. The Board is willfully ignoring this right.

      • Irene says:

        Thank you Susan for your reply and explanation. I thought that “we” had made some forward steps in our last election of Board members? Maybe not enough? I did read the arbitration report attached to the recent paper distributed. Perhaps someone can bring that portion of the bylaws that supports the residents rights to have a voice in the matter of this rather significant assessment? I certainly don’t want to pay more than is needed but I also understand the need to maintain and in some cases improve our homes.

        The Board and/or management seems to have a history of starting projects that go on and on and on….. i.e. the fire alarm system? elevator upgrades that I don’t think ever really happened (and I think we lost a deposit on that fiasco?) so I can certainly appreciate the concern. I just am uncomfortable when anonymous letters get distributed.

        Thank you for your information.

        • susan says:

          Irene, and all
          The email addresses of the directors was included in the Memo from the Group. It would be helpful to send them a note saying that the Special Assessment meeting should not be held until the Board holds a meeting for the residents explaining the magnitude of the expenditures and adhering to our bylaws. Interestingly, the arbitration hearing that found in favor of the residents against their Board was argued for the residents by the attorneys that the Grove Isle Board uses for condominium related issues. Wonder if the Board ever bothered checking with them.

  33. 75 says:

    one thing I know for certain living in miami。,WHEN YOU GO DOWN TO COURT IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU ARE RIGHT OR WRONG, only thing that matters is who your. A T T O R N E Y. IS. &. we got the wrong condo att, WE ARE SINKING FAST. !!!!!!!

  34. 75 says:

    we were completely. UNSUCCESSFUL. WITH THE EMERGENCY INJUNCTION. 1. we lost the 60 spaces in building 3 garage after. 35 years. we also lost the two surface lots. this was a major win for the developer

    • Paula says:

      The injunction was successful. He did not get to intimidate us and he did not get to tow. He has just been playing games with us.

      You were right when you said before that there are shared parking spaces here, otherwise Grove Isle could not have been built.

      Its been a mess for all on the island – especially for tennis club and others.

      And now if you look at the Club calendar distributed today, you will see that he is now offering complementary valet parking for Grove Isle members.

      • Anonomous says:

        If you all get this upset about parking just wait for his trucks and contractors to be roaming all over the place. Take this as yet another indicator of his intent.

  35. Theodore 55 says:

    If he builds, watch his trucks block our only entrance and exit as well as our only street. Watch him have his people park in the lot south of building one. You think he will care? Not this guy. Not the way he handles these issues. Everyone is up in arms over the most , inoffensive thing as the parking areas. Wait and see what is in store for us. Read the unofficial study regarding the logistical nightmare this will be. The strain on the bridge. It is on this website. So far, everything we feared has happened. We expected this behavior and got it. We expected unfair play and got it. No, its not a self fulfilling prophecy, its the way things work when there is so much money to be made. We told you so and get ready for more.

  36. Irene says:

    As I understand it folks going to “the club” are in many cases choosing to drive to buildings 1-3 and tell the valets they are going to visit someone in apt. # xyz getting out of their cars and then walking to #4 and valets are at a loss to challenge them so the club members are parking without charge, and not even giving a gratuity to our valets in many cases!!!!! The parking spaces in the two lots between 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 have been virtually empty all weekend and those going to play tennis or pick up or drop off their children etc. are leaving their vehicles between the drives between the buildings etc.

    I again suggest that while I understand that our Board may not be able to take a public position on this they can at least remain silent while all GI residents should cease and desist from future payments to “the club” and obviously stop using any of their facilities etc. $$$ talk but this has to be a done by the majority of GI residents.

    • Eliot says:

      Do you think it would be possible for the valets and security to identify who are residents and who are club members? Maybe tennis club member should be sent to wait by the hotel.

      • Irene says:

        I think part of the problem is that the valets feel they have very little authority but I do think that the front gate is making an effort today and is giving visitors of residents a slip to give the valets after the front gate confirms the visitor is coming to someone in buildings 1, 2 or 3. If the driver comes to one of the buildings without the slip then the valets can direct them to the club valets to have their cars parked.

  37. 75 says:

    stay focused on the 111 parking, spaces. Any one. know the name of judge🚙🚙🚙🚓🚙🚙🚒🚒🚘🚘🚘🚐🚑

  38. Irene says:

    Well said Simon and Harry N

  39. Simon says says:

    Amazing, he knew there was a minority of residents that were willing to consider his ideas. But instead of winning them over and perhaps some more, he has gone ahead with the “bulldozer” approach and pretty much alienatited everyone. Can’t blame him, he’s a developer that stands to make millions. But I am a resident and club member that stands to lose probably hundreds of thousands of dollars and have my peace and tranquility taken away for the next couple of years. I say NO WAY! I want everyone to know I oppose anything that changes the current footprint and building heights that the hotel, restaurant and spa currently have and oxcupy. Thats what I was told when i purchased the property. Let him romodel or sell. No other options are available as per 1977’s settlement and Miami 21. Shame if politicians or officials give him an excemption. Mark my words, as goes Grove Isle so goes the rest of North Grove’s bayfront properties. I just hope its not the other way around.

    • Eliot says:

      I would not be surprised if the developer’s move now undermines the Island’s tennis club. Where are these club members going to park their cars. Is the developer going to discriminate between club members ? Some pay and some don’t ? Its a not a very nice club if you have to pay for parking. Can someone confirm the situation? The current situation where tennis club members block traffic while waiting on our sole points of access is totally unacceptable.

  40. Irene says:

    my apologies for the beginning of my last posting. I am dictating and did not catch the garbled first part of the message.all I wanted to say at the beginning is that grove isle is my home and I am invested in maintaining my home.

  41. Irene says:

    TEvan ny n, rove Isle is my home. so I am very invested in making sure that the are, the property and the neighborhood remain stable well kept, including the surrounding neighborhood. The assessment is not a surprise and anyone who owns property always has expenses to maintain and upkeep it.Mr Avila has shown no community concern for collaborative efforts. This is very sad for everyone. However, capitulating to his egregious demands and dictatorial ideas serves no good purpose long term or short term. I for one will refuse to remit any future payments to the club. I have not used it nor will I. it is remarkable that one entity that owns perhaps a fourth of the island can dictate to everyone residing on the island.

    The most recent closure of the parking spaces is not only harmful and hurtful to the residents but to anyone who may be using the club will also find a great inconvenience which I suspect will come back to create further traffic issues for the residence of the property. A prime example is the entrance to the tennis courts in front of building 2 where people are now parking their vehicles between the split in the Street divider. If tow trucks are needed they should be used for this purpose.

    both Richard and Maria have stated clearly concisely and rationally our situation.

    • Harry N says:

      I agree. Aren’t we supposed to still be under mediation? He went directly to the city with new plans and didn’t notify our board. He didn’t bother to send a note explaining his position regarding the parking spaces. Maybe a weeks notice? What makes anyone think he is willing to concern himself with our well being? His concern is to get his condo units on the market, asap.
      He isn’t even concerned with the upkeep of the hotel’s facilities. Not even to honor his promises to fix the issues we asked for as paying members. Further more, he lied when he said everything would be solved in a week. We pay a membership fee for crying out loud. By “he” I mean his employees, counsel and or himself.

    • Harry N says:

      BTW, this is not name calling or shrieking voices. It is the sad reality of what happens when our property values and lifestyle are threatened, we react and in some cases in disgust, for the way in which its done. Wouldn’t you be disgusted if someone takes your money and doesn’t give you your money’s worth. Wouldn’t you be freaking out if a vulture lands on your lawn seeing an opportunity to eat your sick pet? Our club was our sick pet. Let him make his money, but in full compliance with all laws and ordinances that should apply. Aren’t you tired of people playing or assuming that only their “rules and interests” apply?

  42. 75 says:

    ITS ALL ABOUT THE 60 parking SPACES!!! we will repair & paint. , but. we can not build more PARKING SPACES. 🚗🚕🚖⛵️🚚🚛🚕🚘🚙🚔🚔🚓🚓🚒🚑

  43. ne says:

    The sad part is that my family will not get our “investment dollars back”. This is a big loss but the situation that has been harbored here, as evidenced by your condescending emails to me and others, is just simply not pleasant.

    • Richard says:

      I am sorry but I just don’t agree with you. Grove Isle is a unique and valuable Miami proposition. The plans are in place to extensively renovate the property. With vision, patience and perseverance we will be fine.

  44. Maria Camila P says:

    Ne, you can always use the valet service in your lobby. It is paid for with your maintenance fees. I understand the frustration of losing those parking lots. But wouldn’t everyone agree if Avila got an approval that he would have eventually used those areas to park and store whatever he needs for his construction? This developer has had enough time to show some class and willingness to work together. From the first meeting up until last weeks parking episode, he has done everything he can to destroy any ounce of credibility we could have given him. He has not kept one promise, not even regarding club repairs for which we are still paying fees. I for one do not want his project on our island. I do not trust him at all.
    I also purchased here to stay. I am also living the pain and uncertainty this situation has brought upon us. But I hope our legal counsel prevails and stops the redevelopment project.

    I also knew we would eventually be facing a special assessment. It was obvious just walking down the hallways. As painful as that is, we will get our money back in higher pprices and marketability. As it is, it is hard to compete with newer condos. We didn’t start this fight with Avila. He came in very quietly and tried to build something not allowed by law and zoning rules. I think Helen and other few residents may be upset at the new assessment and somehow think that by abdicating to the developer, he will pay for all or part of our repairs, make peace and move on. I hate to say it, but in my opinion nothing is farther from the truth.

  45. ne says:

    I meant what I said last year and perhaps if we had found a middle ground, we would not be where we are today with blocked parking lots and who knows what else to come. I choose no LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and let the rest of you bicker in this web site and the rest watch the community fall !

    • Richard says:

      I am glad you meant what you said last year. Please give me your take on the mediation process with the developer.

      As far as I understand the board is still waiting for answers from this developer since June last year.

      How do you propose finding a middle ground in this situation?

    • GuilligansGI says:

      Good luck. You still have time to think about it since we are now on the hook for the new assesment. I hope you can quickly get your investment dollars back, find happier neighbors and more parking spaces. In the meantime, the professor, Mary Ann, Ginger, the Howells, the skipper and I will make the best of this crazy situation. Stay Tuned!

  46. ne says:

    I am so deeply concerned, disturbed and so disappointed with the entire situation in this community. I bought here two years ago and thought it was my lifetime place. All the antagonistic emails in this web sight and the horrible situation with the developer brings a sad thought. I must sell and leave. Who wants to live with all this animosity?

    The latest and I think the breaking point is this petty stuff with the parking. I found out today that I can’t park my car in my assigned parking garage spot anymore as I have done for two years because I lost my clicker and they are not issuing anymore clickers! Well when I bought here two years ago that was my first question and request. So from empty blocked yellow taped parking lots to deteriorating – but on the verge of repair – buildings to never ending negotiations with this developer, I think it is to much. I hope somewhere out there are buyers !

    • Richard says:

      I am sorry you feel that way… but still cannot accept the terms suggested in your post of July last year.
      I copy it here for your ease of memory and wish you good luck. You have not been very neighborly.

      Long ago I suggested that we negotiate with the developer to get him to enhance and update our buildings, bridge and gate house in return for a negotiated settlement allowing him to build a scaled down tower and perhaps avoiding a sizable much needed assessment. I was told he does even keep up the hotel! Why would he help us? Well of course he does not keep up the Hotel – he is going to demolish it!

      Let’s be real – our buildings are dilapidated, aged and turning off potential buyers. We have needed to have a board that long ago assessed to do the simplest of things… PAINT !!! As you walk around the island or lay by the pool and look up, you see discoloration, cracks, rust, and peeling paint. When you cross this beautiful bay and enter our island- pass the guard gate – you see peeling paint, rust, leaking pipes, old driveways, and just simply aged unkept buildings.

      Building 3 East side can fight our way into debt with legal fees but construction is inedible. Those in Building 3 must of bought knowing of what was to come. (If not, call the attorney that represented you!). We are wasting an opportunity to negotiate for a better modernized attractive Grove Isle. Let’s get a negotiated trimmed project in return for a settlement and an upgrade to our buildings.Let’s top the legal fees. Let’s replace the Board !!!!

  47. Irene says:

    Well said Henri James

  48. 75 says:


  49. Irene Warner says:

    Let us all be aware of who we are dealing with. A angry controlling and hostile man. He is not to be trusted and needs to be dealt with legally and aggressively. Furthermore why are we helping to generate a revenue stream for him to use to against us? Our attorneys need to help us get this convoluted arrangement stopped regarding membership dues.

    • Helen says:

      Some of us are sick of the name calling and huge legal expenditures. With the coming assessments, I suggest making peace with the deveoloper so we can live in harmony and stop enriching the lawyers.

      • Henri-James says:

        Dear Helen,

        No one would disagree more with you, but you can only discuss and/or negotiate peace with the other party, if that party is also willing to speak that language.

        Indeed, from the recent examples, It is not the case, and if it would be the case you would end-up loosing far more money that we are investing in defending ourselves and generating far less harmony that you/we are looking for.

        Winning such and more than unpleasant cases, are not easy, not cheap and certainly not peaceful, but its outcome is far better than no do anything.

        Best Regards,

      • Irene says:

        Dear Helen, If it were only that easy. The developer has shown his fangs, claws, and aggressive demeanor most recently with the closing of the parking lots between 1 and 2 and 2 and 3 and even the way he attempted to do it with the tow trucks and last minute notice on a Friday evening just solidifies his evil intentions. This is not name calling – it is dealing with the facts on the ground and the potential impact of our quality of life. Just as an FYI – there is a two story building behind where I work that is currently being demolished. It is about 1/10th the size of the area for #4 and the dirt, filth, noise, and additional construction workers and parking issues I now deal with is incredible (and the number of construction workers is just a few in comparison to what we would be enduring on the island) so if we are to have peace, the Grove Isle residents and the surrounding neighbors must show the way – legal fees and all.

      • Richard says:

        Helen – you have said this all before. I would be delighted if you would detail how exactly you make peace in this hydra of a situation. Please enlighten us. You didn’t the last time we asked.

  50. Guilligan GI says:

    I’m sure by now some of you have been informed that any GI resident’s cars parked in spaces belonging to GI4, will as of Monday morning, 6am, will be towed away @ the owner’s expense. So if you happen to park your car between bldgs 1 and 2 and 2 and 3, in front of the tennis courts, your cars will be towed away. From now on residents and guests must either use the building’s valet services or park by the dog park, bbq lot. In an act of generosity, GI4 will continue offering parking at their valet rates. Also, residents in bldg 3 who park on the top floor must find parking elsewhere.

    Welcome to the world of Eddie Avila. If things don’t go his way, he will lash out at anyone he can in the only way he can. For those of you who thinks its a good idea to allow this jerk to so much as open a hole in the ground, take this as your wake up call. Time and again he has shown exactly how he plans to work with the island’s residents. HIS WAY.

  51. Important e-mails are being sent to residents – make sure one has not been left sitting in your spam folder.

  52. Tom says:

    Slippery slope along the coast…

    “The only way they can proceed with their current plans is to get the exception. The Miami 21 code does not allow for aspects of the project to be in a Civic Space Zone.”

    “To the City of Miami, laws are suggestions. The city went out of their way to override the Coconut Grove residents’ feelings against the project, to bring in a “yes” vote for the project, from people in other parts of Miami.”

  53. Fernando says:

    Fellow neighbors, I hope you have all read the latest update from the Board. I am extremely pleased by the fact that they haven’t ignored the feelings and wishes of most residents and have been quick to keep us updated regarding the redevelopment project. However, I am more pleased by the fact that they have changed to a more forceful tone and have quickly followed up with an appeal. Thanks again for a job well done and I wish all board members the best going forward.

  54. Harry N. says:

    While PGI opens a category regarding issues other than the threat of redevelopment, I would like to offer my opinion regarding the exterior painting of our buildings. I agree we are way past due and that we should only get the best paint to ensure it will hold and last for years to come. I agree it should be a very light colored paint using only ONE tone. I prefer either the green or blue tops over the grey. I also like the bronze railings. This will match with the current sliding doors and window frames we have in our rooms and balconies. Some people have voiced their concern regarding a perceived “intrusiveness” by painting the railings a darker color. Trust me, after the first day no one will notice and at night it is completely “invisible”. Lets get as many questionnaires filled out by year end and feel free to express your comments.

    • Maria Camila P says:

      I agree. Keep it simple. Look at yacht harbor, or at the corner of aviation and bay shore. Even VILLAS OF VIZCAYA. Light color and bronze rails. The mismatch of paints we have here is harmful to the human eye.

  55. Irene Warner says:

    Well said Fernando

  56. Fernando says:

    I would like to thank all the people that cast their names to run in the election. I congratulate all those that were nominated. It is a good thing that new members will be sitting on the board and perhaps offer new approaches and ideas on how to deal with the many issues we will have to deal with in the coming years.

    I want to thanks Mr. Lewis for his hard work, dedication and leadership throughout the years. Having said that, I ask the board to consider offering another member the opportunity to serve as chairman.

  57. lyndarichards says:

    Who is collecting proxies for Preserve Grove Isle?

    • bfurie says:

      According to the instructions (“Second Notice of election for the Board of Directors”), a proxy can NOT be used for voting for Directors. However, since some residents have received their ballot materials from the Association via email, there must be a way for this ballot information to be returned via email, signed and processed as required. One possible method, if the Association office will not/can not do this, is to forward all of the signed necessary materials to a resident onsite so that that person can submit your ballot in the appropriate envelopes.

      This method of communication, of voting, needs to be modernized, particularly since so many owners do not live permanently on Grove Isle. Perhaps the new Board will move forward on this so that many owners can participate actively in this process.

  58. Is anyone from Preserve Grove Isle collecting Proxies? Please let me know how I can insure that my remote vote is cast as intended.

  59. 75 says:

    Happy. Thanksgiving

  60. Irene says:

    I think we stand a much better plan on looking at other candidates to support. Can’t imagine the Sarnoff machine backing away from development when one way or another it puts $$ in their pocket.

    • Simon T says:

      Better to ensure that all bases are covered – as its quite complex. Sarnoff, it was said, wanted this to be a Coconut Grove decision so that the neighbourhood does not get ambushed by out of area Commissioners out for development tax windfalls.

      • Fernando says:

        You are right, there is plenty of time that may allow other people to run for the vacated seat. It also gives Grove residents time to research more about the possible candidates.

        A couple of hours researching articles, comments and opinions has reminded me how fed up everyone is with local politics, special interests, greedy developers and politicians, particularly Sarnoff. There is much discontent in Miami, particularly the district represented by Sarnoff. His record seems to shows how little regard he has for the interests of his constituents and how partial he’s been towards new developments and money. Thanks for posting these Herald articles.

        I also recommend Coconut Grove Grapevine. Many of their articles touch upon politics and real estate development projects. Most opinions from real Grove residents don’t reflect kindly on either. They are aware of how messed up things are at City Hall, how Sarnoff seems to have failed to act on behalf of the best interest of his constituency and how developers have taken over and “destroyed” the South Florida jewel known as Coconut Grove. I agree with them, the Grove is totally unique and does not, and should not, be transformed into another Brickell/mid-town, South Beach, Sunny Isles or Aventura. The Grove belongs to its tax paying residents and they wish to keep safe hatever is left of its original small town/village charm. After all, isn’t that part of the reason we have chosen the Grove as our place of residence?

        • Larry says:

          We do have time to research the issues related to the political landscape. But just yesterday, we received another invitation , from Avila, to visit the Biltmore which will serve as our temporary club during demolition and renovation. I hope the Board hasn’t fallen asleep at the wheel and been blindsided again by this petulant character. Two weeks ago they sent out a glossy newsletter highlighting their new club proposal. Trust me, in my eyes, this guy is not standing still. PR wars influence perception and at this point he is way ahead of us. Many people may think this is a done deal and will just leemur themselves over the cliff, drink his Kool-Aid. I understand the Board’s position of not letting Avila tempt them into a premature scuffle. Its an honorable and respectful position. But that doesn’t mean we should not shut this guy up and set the record straight by publicly saying we oppose any development and that none of his plans or proposal have any type of approval at city level. If we don’t come out publicly united, he will keep trying to bring us down from within, exploiting any doubts and divisions we are not able to dispell.

    • susan says:

      Agree with Irene. Sarnoff is the one who strong armed the Board to go to mediation with Avila even though there was nothing to mediate. It was obviously pay back for his contributions.

      • Fernando says:

        Unfortunately you guys are right. That is the way politics and developments get done in Miami. However, I do believe it is a good idea to meet with her if she decides to run. We must make our position very clear. After all, she does represent our district. Besides the financial contributions, she still needs to get the votes. We potentially represent over 300 of them,if not more with our neighbors across the bay. Remember, not many people vote in this type of elections, and 300 can make a huge difference. We should actually invite her to visit, meet some of the residents and get a first hand view of the potential impact this will have on hundreds of families.

  61. Thomas Y says:

    I don’t get it. No decisions. No permits. Many contradictory plans and now invitations to go to join the Biltmore Club after some long overdue repairs. Its bordering on schizophrenic.

  62. GuilligansGI says:

    For anybody that has not done so, please drive or walk to the southmost point of Mercy Hospital. Imagine any of the 3 proposals for GI 4 sitting on the NE side of the island. This exercise should motivate anyone into opposing anything that is not a renovation or romodeling of current structures. Any proposals you have seen so far as misleading, both in dimensions and aesthetics.

    • Ron Ravikoff says:

      At the last Board meeting it was announced that the Association has retained a “political consultant” (the same person that helped fight the Mercy Hospital project) to help the Association navigate Miami politics in our dispute with the proposed development.
      In today’s Herald there is an article that the “games” for 2015 Miami City Commission elections have begun. Marc Sarnoff’s (our commissioner- Seat 2), is term limited and that seat is open for election.
      Shouldn’t Grove Isle residents get involved? For as little as a few hundred dollars per unit, we could make a significant financial contribution to the right candidate and make sure are concerns are heard loud and clear.

  63. Sydney says:

    Thank you Fernando. We will support those 3 candidates too. Sydney and David Schaecter

  64. Fernando says:

    I have been a resident of Grove Isle 3 for over 4 years. As you may read from my previous posts, I am very concerned with the value and marketability of my property as well as the current lifestyle all of us residents enjoy. In the next six months there are several issues that all us residents are going to have to deal with, such as:
    Rebuilding garages and sculpture decks, remodeling and repairing exterior of towers, need for special assessment, need to move on with club dues law suit and finally stop any development of Grove Isle 4. It is at this time that we need Board members who we can trust to represent our interests above anything else.

    This upcoming election I will be voting for the following candidates to represent building 3 as board members.
    Janet McAlliley, Tim Moore and Dick Cardin. Their knowledge, commitment, transparency and involvement have shown me they are more than capable to proudly represent ALL Grove Isle residents during these trying times. Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the candidates and make sure to cast your votes.

  65. Simon says:

    I’m not a full time resident so I could not attend today’s board meeting. It has been suggested to have the management office send out a copy of the minutes. Will they be emailing, mailing or posting this information somewhere? Did anything important happen? Any news on the mediation, rezoning request or club lawsuit?

  66. Harry N. says:

    We are looking for volunteers from buildings 1 & 2 to run for a seat in the coming elections for the association’s board of directors. The Island would benefit tremendously by bringing in new faces with fresh ideas and a willingness to move forward and get things done in time and within budget. We need to replace Edgar Lewis as a board member and chairman. Don’t let this person run unopposed. This is one of the reasons we are in this mess. Nothing happens in Grove Isle except we are becoming outdated and deteriorated. Pretty much like half of the board members. Many issues and projects have been sitting in their desks collecting dust for years. Again, kinda like many board members. We must have, within all of us, at least to possible candidates out there that read this blog. Please step forward and help us bring our island into the 21st century.

    • Alberto P, MBA says:

      I agree, however, it is very disheartening to see the lack of interest from residents to get involved. I will be volunteering for a committee. I hope more people volunteer for any position that will help us preserve our home values and marketability. It has been said before, the island has probably never faced such an amount of issues and probably has never had such an amount of disgruntled residents. I keep hearing from everyone that its been the same members for years, good old boys club, they run completely unopposed and unquestioned. There is plenty of new faces, professional people, qualified people, dissatisfied people. This wasn’t what many of us expected when we purchased in Grove Isle. It only takes a handful of new board members to get this rolling.

      The board even has our condo manager tied-up from performing many of the duties he is supposed to do. Cleaning and maintaining parking? Pressure cleaning perhaps? Please make sure to walk around each parking level. I know Calixto to be a very capable manager. But we need to let him do his job. You will not believe the state of uncleanliness. Trust me, it’s not only the club that is dilapidated. We, as an association are also at fault for not keeping up with our own buildings and facilities. Shame on all of us.

  67. Theodore 55 says:

    Great candidate for the board: Elizabeth from bldg 3.

  68. Irene Warner says:

    Simon, I am sad and sorry that you feel this way. A perhaps small but impact full reason I do not attend is due to the time which may fit well for retirees but for those of us who work full time I cannot get home to GI until 7 p m.
    I may be in the minority but I suspect there are others of us who are interested and would work on a committee at the very least if not run for the board but meeting times must be modified to accommodate a larger pool of participants. Avila issues are first priority and a workable time line for all should be created. Including follow through on such smaller items like really cleaning out storage area in #2 which supposedly was to be taken care of years ago including latest notice to be cleared out by July 31. This is a simple task that management (professionally hired and we pay for it) should be taking care of and something I have personally contacted Mr Rodriguez on this past week.

  69. Simon says:

    After the last board meeting which I attended, I was seriously expecting more chatter and action. It is painful and disheartening to see and witness how ALL of us residents will be the.only ones held at fault for whatever happens with our Island.

    Everyone has an opinion, most are fed up with the state of affairs, but few, if any, do something concrete about it. No one has bothered to use this blog to offer any new ideas on how to deal with the “boatload” of current issues and possible “threats” the we are currently facing. Not one person has voiced his or her willingness to serve on the NEW board. I am not a full time resident and live in Argentina, but I will vote for any candidate that will stand for fixing up the buildings, painting, updating lobbies and hallways in Bldg C, repairing any structural deficiencies around deck areas, and blocking anything that Mr. Avila may want to do. All these projects to be started within the first semester of 2015. What good are all the attorneys and contractors that live in the island and may participate as board members if they are unwilling or incapable of getting the job done? We must expect and demand more from our management company. Don’t they have these issues with other properties under their administration?

    Nothing has been done here for years. Our buildings look dilapidated and old. I will vote for a candidate that has the spinal fortitude to approve a special assessment for these projects. We cannot afford to have a few residents which do not want to pay an assessment, keep the rest of us from enjoying our homes, inside and out.

  70. Michael says:

    Resales in South Florida undergo a decline as new constructions blossom

  71. Fernando says:

    Board meeting next Tuesday 9/9 @ 6 pm card room bldg 1. Please attend.

  72. Harry N. says:

    Susan, please consider running for the board

    • susan says:

      If I am the Susan you are referring to, thanks for the vote of confidence. I would love to put my money where my mouth is since I have been advocating that people step up to replace the Board members that have failed us. Unfortunately, I am even less than a snow bird. I own a unit in Grove Isle, but use it only for a couple of long weekends a month from October through April. I am not there enough to contribute on a consistent basis, but I will continue to try to help the PGI effort and am lobbying hard for one its members to run for the Board.

      • Harry N. says:

        Susan, thanks for being so involved in this. I look forward to more of your comments and insights. Can you recommend someone from the board?

  73. Maria Camila P. says:

    Let’s pick up some more signatures from residents. Last count we had close to 300 residents opposing any new redevelopment. Let’s give it another run, door to door emails and phone calls. We need to publish these results. We are going to be close to 500/strong just in Grove Isle alone. I doubt any government official will risk reinterpreting the law (for the sole benefit of the developer) when he knows there are going to be more than 500 families watching and expecting for current zoning laws to be upheld.

  74. Irene Warner says:

    Thank you Webster 😉

  75. Simon says:

    Susan, 75 year old real estate expert, Tm Moore (stay), Dr. Charles Smithen, Henri James Tieleman.

  76. Webster says:

    Irene, even if you were a guy I’d vote for you! 🙂

  77. Larry W. says:

    It’s been close to seven months since this website was up and running. eight or nine since the official redevelopment program was announced. Besides PGI being formed and the website set up, not much has been done by anyone of us, except maybe 5 to 8 people, mostly the PGI folks. Much of their time and energy has been spent on this. The only thing of significance that I believe has come out of the Boards is the hiring of W & S law firm and their legal memo. By the way, are they still representing us? the other good thing from the Board has been their complete disregard for listening and acting on our advise, interests, etc. One thing is clear , Edgar Lewis must be completely removed from the Board. My family and I have been here for almost 7years. The only projects I’ve seen have been reconstruction of pool 2, rebuild a portion of sea wall and a card room in building 1. The pool and card room seem to be really lousy over budget jobs. Only God knows how the sea wall came out. I have requested to see copies of the Board meetings , even from the association manager and to date have received NOTHING, not even a “we are working on it, or we had a computer crash”. Either something is being hidden by the board or there is complete incompetence, either of which are unacceptable to me.

    I strongly believe there is 2 or 3 really good board members, therefore, if we want to work with them, we must elect new folks to the board. I would be more interested in learning about what any possible candidate plans to do or stands for instead of their background and pedigree. please, no more attorneys and developers, we have had plenty of those on the board over the years and somehow they have been able to prove their complete incompetence and lack of common sense and concern for others.

    Like I said, all 500 plus families/residents owe a handful of concerned neighbors all the work that has gone into this. They ALONE have probably done 90 to 95 % of the work. Maybe a couple others have contributed a bit. Instead of raising more concerns, let’s take the time to get reacquainted with all the information provided here and start thinking on whether or not we care enough for Grove Isle, our neighbors. And our property values. Let’s show some commitment and fortitude and start acting. Let’s hear names of possible volunteers for the board, let’s hear where they stand on the important issues one of them being the removal of Edgar from the Board. if this guy continues to tun unchallenged, we deserve to our fate. Fellow neighbors, look at the mess we are in right now. historically we have paid one of the highest maintenance fees in Miami. We don’t have much to show for it. We can contribute in other ways besides money, most importantly running for the board. Again, no resumes, really, just tell us where you stand on the most important issues.

    Redevelopment, Club dues, transparency, publication of timely information including minutes from board meetings, building remodeling (exterior and interior), future special assessments if any. LADIES ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE AND VOLUNTEER ON THE BOARD.

    • Webster says:

      Karen Gilmore, Irene Warner. I hope you are reading this! You guys would be awesome!

      • Irene Warner says:

        Dear Webster, many thanks for your vote of confidence. You are possibly guilting me into considering but remember it is not just a male/female issue. But yes, we need members who can see and commit to the larger picture, understand and listen to all, leave narcissism at home, have a bit of a thick skin (?) and be able to filter out the minor from the major concerns.

    • susan says:

      Just for the record. The Board did hire Weis Serrota, who did an excellent job on the Memorandum of law. However, the search and the recommendation to hire them was done by a member of PGI. The Board would have continued using the same lawyer who completely missed the fact that Grove Isle was under siege by Avila. As a thank you for finding WS, the Board refused PGI any access and participation in the meetings. Just more evidence why Lewis and Co. need to be replaced.

  78. Sydney says:

    This is awful! Do we stand much chance with prevailing? Don’t we have a rights with the promise Marguilies made to people who thought they would always have use of hotel too?

    • Marty says:

      As a more recent arrival to this island, I would be grateful if my neighbors that have been here for longer could help out with this question.

    • Gabriella says:

      To prevail we need to take the threat very seriously and defend ourselves. The developer is not at all interested in our welfare. The developer is very experienced, has engaged top lawyers and lobbyists and is well connected with City of Miami officials. Grove Isle needs to be stronger than him given his $24.5M purchase of the hotel and the understanding that we have a +$500M asset to protect.

  79. Sandra says:

    Who exactly is the developer and how did he acquire this piece of Fair Isle. Also who did he buy it from? I don’t hear any of the details of how, when or why. More information please of how this sale of precious waterfront land occurred. Sandra, 3 Grove Isle Drive.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Here is a brief history of Grove Isle and the current threats re. high density development:
      * Fair Isle in the North Grove was an uninhabited 14 acre island
      * With plans to develop it with new high rise condominiums in the 1970’s, an agreement between the owner/developer, numerous Coconut Grove organizations and the City of Miami ( the 1977 Settlement) defined the limits of development.
      * Grove Isle was developed in 1980-1981, with three 18 story buildings, a hotel/restaurant/spa, and resort amenities including pools, tennis courts, and a marina-all according to the 1977 Settlement agreement.
      * Almost 35 years of +500 stable residencies, including families with children, snowbirds, mixed ethnicities.
      * Purchase of 4 Grove Isle (hotel/restaurant/spa) and tennis courts by Grove Isle Associates led by Eduardo Avila, a well respected Miami developer, from HMG Courtland Properties Inc. (Chairman Maurice Wiener). The deal was completed on February 25, 2013.
      * Proposal for an 18 story tower with 67 luxury condominiums accidentally made public in November 2013. Non-compliant with current zoning law, Miami 21.
      * Preserve Grove Isle formed to prevent further development on Grove Isle in December 2013.
      * Weiss Serota hired by Board of Grove Isle to prepare a Memorandum of Law on the legal basis for development/no development. Memorandum submitted to City of Miami. City puts developers’ plans on hold from original fast track.
      * Developer proposes two alternative plans: 18 story tower versus four five story buildings. March 2014.
      * Commissioner Sarnoff suggests non-binding mediation between parties. Accepted by both parties. First meeting in June 2013. Developer puts forward application to city for demolition fencing during mediation period.
      * Developer proposes a 12 story tower at the site of the hotel/restaurant/spa.
      * Condo Association Board learns of application by developer to rezone half of the 4 Grove Isle parcel from Miami 21 T5 (medium density) to T6-8 (high density). Application submitted Jun 2014.

      For further detail on purchase please see:

  80. tim w says:

    Rezoning Grove Isle and the North Grove

    Speak to the neighbors and let them know what you think

  81. Alberto P. MBA says:

    Very interesting comment in cg grapevine:

    “Miami 21 was created to create consistency and stop the practice of developers seeking variances every time they wanted to build bigger/higher/denser. The idea was developers should build within the zoning, period. The City needs to draw the line on things like this and allow them to build what they are entitled to under Miami 21. Period.”

  82. Irene Warner says:

    Well said anonymous!

  83. anny says:

    I think that is the growing consensus or should we say the best alternative. Of course, we could pass assessments to pay for the much needed updates to our 3 towers. The updates it appears are required regardless of the development.

  84. Alberto P. MBA says:

    This RECENT type of commentary by a realtor named Jill Penman reflects many of my worse fears. You guys decide.

    “The existing towers were constructed around the ‘80s and generally run down making investment there unappealing.”

    1. Existing towers are run down.
    2. Our buildings are unappealing to buyers. (by comparison to a new tower, ours will look even worse)
    3. She can hardly wait to cash into the new building sales.

    I believe this is highly irresponsible and is not doing current homeowners any favor as far as marketability and home values. I don’t see how this can be newsworthy except for lining up potential buyers for the new towers at our expense. We were asking for comments from realtors and here you have it from a supposedly “real estate expert” as she calls herself. Thanks for the favor Jill.

    • Bill McDonald says:

      Sounds like we need to get a deal done with him to get our buildings upgraded with his project.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bill, the comments by the Realtor show two things: our prices have dropped and will continue to drop. Partly due to our state of desrepair and partly due to a newer building being offered in the same island. We can help fix our own buildings by changing most board members, in particular Edgar. Get someone in there that is at least transparent about meetings etc. Make them accountable for our upkeep and appearance. Make availible all minutes from Every board meeting (official and unofficial). Any “talk” of redevelopment stalls or drops the market prices for our units. To think that Santa Claus is here to fix our buildings in return for not enforcing our rights as homeowners to protect our property values and city law is disingenuous and irresponsible at best.

  85. webster says:

    According to today’s memo, it seems the developer is now looking at building a 12 story structure on the restaurant, hotel and spa area. Not even close to what most of us were told would be a worse case scenario, 5 floors on existing restaurant, hotel and spa. I wonder if the pool and tiki bar area are off limits for construction. It is my understanding that they are. Still, he may not get this second proposal approved since it is nowhere near what is allowed by Miami 21. Even if they plan to build something lower, they will increase the ground area and in no way will that ameliorate the issues brought up by the engineer regarding the logistical nightmare from a project like this. Maybe he should consider building his Dubai tower somewhere in Sunny Isles, close to the soccer stadium.

  86. Maria Camila P. says:

    It seems like Grove residents don’t want to lose out to developers. I agree with keeping the Grove as original as possible. Nothing else like it. Someone even mentions separating from the City and creating a city within a city. At least that way we may have better representation when it comes to any decisions affecting us. It’s a long shot, but it’s still interesting.

  87. Alberto P. MBA says:

    This morning I received two emails from brokers showing price reductions for units A210 and C1102. Just keep in mind that prices are already starting to drop and that this is something that does not only affect the east view of building 3. The owners could be selling for other reasons, but the fact is the market in Grove Isle just hit a wall. Hold on to your pocket books if this redevelopment project goes through !!! Someone else is going to list a 10 unit in bldg 3. Again, a west view.

    • Maria Camila P. says:

      Mr. Sporn is going to make a killing. We will be seeing a lot of those Spornograms, I Sold it again! Funny we haven’t heard from him. I guess he benefits from a panic if he is able to help sell at discounted prices so long as he finds buyers willing to take the risk. I am sure he and other brokers will have to disclose the mess going on in GI. There is a previous comment from another broker/neighbor that states prices are dropping and will continue to do so.

  88. Harry N. says:

    Can one of our legally knowledgeable readers explain why the issues of the club fees lawsuit and the new developer miami 21 project have been thrown together in the same mediation process? Did I get it wrong?

    • Theodore 55 says:

      I agree. I got the same impression from the last memo. I think our attorneys and board should insist on keeping both issues separate. This only works to the developer’s advantage. The possibility of negotiating over $10,000,000 should not even be on the table. The developer knew about this before he purchased. There is no way Sarnoff can tie both together. The club fees must go straight to court. Negotiating or mediating will only work in the developer’s favor. No way. this has to be stopped now. Doesn’t anyone on the Board see this? Don’t our attorneys see this??? I expect a lot of comments about this. The possibility of negotiating with that money before even having a go ahead to build from the city is crazy.

    • susan says:

      PGI is working on it.

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